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If you’re a fan of fun and fighting, ridiculously cute characters, and a show that you can imagine being turned into a super fun game, than this is the series for you!


Etotama follows the exploits of Nya-tan, an Eto-musume determined to become a full-fledged member of the Chinese Zodiac and earn the coveted title of Etotama! She must defeat all the current etotama and gain their Sol/Lull seals to accomplish this. While combating amnesia, she tries to fight, trick, and sweet talk her way up the ranks. She also needs a steady source of Sol/Lull, the essence of emotions which can only be found in certain people. When she finds a human named Takeru Tendo who is the perfect source of Sol/Lull, she naturally moves in (without his permission of course) so as to be close to her source! Watch Nya-tan as she claws her way to the top!






 This is a shorter series, and I’m not ashamed to say I loved every adorable minute of it! When the etotama fight, they go from their regular size(Adult Mode) to chibi(Pretty Mode)!