Top 3 Musical Weapons in Comics

Top 3 Musical Weapons in Comics

This month in comics, we take a look at 3 recommended issues that use music for more than stirring the soul.



UAcimage1234Coming in at #3 is The Umbrella Academy volume one. Published by Dark Horse. Written by My Chemical Romance lead man, Gerard Way and illustrated by graphic artist, Gabriel Ba; This story tells of seven super kids that come together under the training of a bizarre Millionaire, Dr. Hargreeves.

The children eventually separate to the wind, but years later, come back together after the mysterious death of Dr. Hargreeves and the attack of a laser-armed, Eiffel Tower.

Vanya Hargreeves, aka The White Violin, has the ability to destroy buildings and attacking people with her music. Her weapon of choice is the violin, naturally.

Follow “this dysfunctional super family” in their latest adventures post-Academy life or during their time at The Umbrella Academy.




12966744_10209232657198051_1867757797_nAt #2 tied two contenders that happen to be Mangas (comics) and Animes (cartoons).

RahXephon as published by Media Factory and Fooly Cooly as published by Kadokawa Shoten/Tokyo Pop (defunct).

RahXephon takes places in 2012 when Japan was visited by the MU resulting in a dome encasing the island ( The size and distinctive appearance of Mars?!) and cutting off these creatures have the ability to look, sound, and move like humans. But cut one and their blood is blue.

To battle the MU, mankind developed mechas (mechanical androids) that use musical harmony to attack. Unfortunately, you have to be a hybrid of the MU to pilot these behemoths.

From harps to pianos, the story follows seemingly young, Hiro Shimono and his journey to the outside world as well as the battle with MU.

Fooly Cooly, FLCL (pronounced Furi Kuri) follows a boy named Naoto who’s constantly clobbered by a guitar wielding, alien by the name of Haruka Haruhara. She said her mission is to find an infamous space pirate who used to own a certain magical guitar as well. But, it seems more likely her affection for Naoto is causing chaos and hilarious strife.



12966549_10209232707879318_508547375_nFor my #1 pick is my favorite, The Wicked + The Divine as published by Image Comics. Written by former computer game and music journalist, Kieron Gillen and artist of Young Avengers and Phonogram, Jamie McKelvie.

The experimental, fantasy story of 12 gods and goddesses reincarnated as humans that become Pop Stars of their time. They are loved; They are hated. Then in two years, they are dead.

Can you imagine any of our pop stars doing the super nova?

Find this issue in your local comic shop and rock on today!