Anime in Love!

Anime in Love!

It’s everybody’s favorite day in February, Valentine’s Day! If you did not go out on Valentine’s day because of the crowds, it’s just way too cold, or you don’t have a valentine, there are plenty of animes and films to keep you company. I’ve been watching anime non-stop (yes, I suffer for my work) to find the perfect romantic animes and films to enjoy.

I’ve narrowed it down to my top favorite anime for the holiday. They are dubbed and subbed, and you can watch them on Hulu!

The first one is Kaleido Star. It is about a young Japanese girl from Japan who comes to America to audition for Kaleido Stage, but ends up missing her audition because somebody stole her bag. She ends up being late, and thus, is no longer able to audition. She then watches the dancers practice backstage, and one of the dancers has a freak accident; the character Sora saves her from a giant ball landing on her, and in doing so, she accidentally twisted the dancer’s arm and had to take her place on stage. She somehow is able to do it without having any experience whatsoever. The director of this anime is also the director of Sailor Moon, so it has a very magical girl theme. The animation is very bright and vibrant, and the art style is similar to that of Cardcaptors Sakura. Kaleido Star’s central theme is always believe in yourself and never give up. The story line is compelling and keeps you entertained throughout the whole series, though I can’t really share the love story parts without any spoilers. The majority of the characters are well written and the main character is lovable! The antagonist really makes you hate them, and just a few fall into tropes, but it makes the show that much more endearing. Kaleido Star is definitely one of the animes you want to watch over and over again.

The next is called The Wallflower; it is a bishonen romantic comedy about four guys living off an older woman who gives them an ultimatum to change her wallflower niece into a charming young woman. The series is like Ouran High School Host Club, but the guys are not wealthy or high in status, and Haruhi reverted back into her old frumpy clothes and the tone got a lot darker. The art style is visually appealing and is a mixture of Host Club and Nana. The Wallflower is high entertaining if you like a little bit of over-dramatization. The overall anime is amazing if you can get over how annoying Sunako Nakahara (the wallflower) is when yelling in every episode. To be noted, this is an M-rated anime, because of its dark humor and language.

Lastly, I want to note a K-drama film called 200 Pounds Beauty. It is a movie about an over weight singer named Kang Han-na, who works as a faceless singer backstage while a mean, no-talented pop singer gets all the glory from lip-syncing. Upon realizing the love of her life will never see her as beautiful, she takes dramatics measures to change her looks by undergoing plastic surgery. Now, to be a “beautiful” woman, she decided to erase all of her past by getting rid of her cat and even neglecting her elderly father, the only person she tells her secret to, and is her long time best friend. It’s a compelling story about people who will love you just the way you are, and you shouldn’t have to change yourself just to fit in. It’s a movie with a great concept, amazing actors, and the song “Ave Maria” will get stuck in your head for weeks.

Ultimately, there are numerous animes and films to fill the time while you sit and eat your Valentine’s day chocolates, but these are the cream of the crop! I hope you enjoy.