The Ultimate Digital Comic Power: Free and Unlimited Downloads

There’s a new trend that is finally catching on the internet front of independent comics, offering buyers a new experience in purchasing comics. They’re called, DRM-free and Pay-What-You-Want for any comic.

To really understand what DRM-free means, let’s recreate a scenario that’s all too familiar. You find an app for your new tablet that allows you download a comic per-purchase, but, you’ve never gotten around to reading said comic due to lack of time or simply forgetting about it. This is similar to pay-per-view, you don’t really have the rights to keep said material, just to view it within a set time frame or pay again.

With DRM-free, you are able to download the comic as a PDF, a Zip file, CBZ, CBR or even a JPG and stash it on as many of your chosen devices for future reading. No more, paying again to read issue #463 for the twelfth time this month. It’s super convenient and easy on the wallet of many newcomers to the digital comic world.

So, what is this other thing I’m going on about?

Pay-What-You-Want is another experiment in collecting new followers for up and coming comics. By offering what you think their work is worth; from free to $50. Think there’s a catch? Then I suggest you take a look at Panel Syndicates or Humble Bundle Comics page and see for yourself. Even a major publishing company such as Image Comics has hopped on the PWYW train!

The idea behind PWYW is to allow the reader to choose what they value the work, which could lead to purchases of future works.

But, doesn’t that make it easier to pirate or not pay anything… ever? Yes and yes, but in the end the data speaks for itself as explained by Image in this interview with Wired in 2013:

In the end, why wouldn’t you want to try something new at a price you believe is fair? Free or $13?

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