Movie Review: Daddy’s Home

Movie Review: Daddy’s Home

Daddy’s Home is a new comedy staring Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, and Linda Cardellini.

The film is about a modern family where the stepdad is trying to gain the love of his wife’s children, and just as he is getting close, the biological dad shows up. Then it becomes a competition for the two children’s attention and affection.

The Stepdad, Brad, (Played by Will Ferrell) works as a smooth jazz radio host, trying way too hard to get his stepchildren to love him and call him “Dad”. The biological father, Dusty Mayron, (Played by Mark Wahlberg) returns from who-knows-where shortly after the movie begins. They receive the call during family bonding time, no less, and the children instantly stop caring about what they were previously doing.

DH2Throughout the film Brad keeps referring to his book “Step by Stepdad”, which I assume is some sort of self help book like “Parenting for Dummies”.


This was another one of those movies where I expected it to be funny, but it was more about family matters with a few funny jokes thrown in.


The last 30 minutes were really good, however, and made the ticket worth it.


Spoilers Below!

Throughout the movie, it is mentioned that the son is being picked on by fourth graders. I suspected the plot twist would come that these bullies are girls.
This is confirmed when both Brad and Dusty, invited by the daughter to her father daughter dance at school, arrive and find him being picked on. The boy follows Dusty’s advice to call out “the big one” and punches the girl in the face, then kicks her in the “swimsuit area”. This starts a bigger fight that turns into a dance off. Rather amusing.

At the final scenes of the movie, Brad and Sara have a baby of their own. Dusty has built himself a castle home down the street with the money he gets from the radio for singing their intro and has gotten married to another woman named Karen (Alessandra Ambrosio). Dusty is trying to win Karen’s daughter’s approval just as Brad was in the beginning. They too receive a visit from Karen’s ex, Roger- who is played by John Cena! THE best part of the whole movie. He of course is twice as big as Dusty and Dusty immediately feels pathetic. Dusty goes to greet Roger, only to get the exact same treatment Dusty gave Brad in the beginning.
It all begins again.


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