Decluttering Life After the Holidays

Decluttering Life After the Holidays

With the holidays being over and New Years in full swing, almost everyone has a New Year’s resolution list. One of the top resolutions is has hitting the gym, and getting organize or de-cluttering; it is one of the hardest to keep because, well let’s face it, you get busy and instead of staying organized you just throw things anywhere that’s convenient. So, here are some good ways to stay organized throughout the year.

The first and best way to get and stay organized is to write down a to do list and pin it somewhere that you look at often throughout the day and cross off as you go. If you’re on the go like me, try to find an app that let’s you do the same thing. Trust me, it keeps your brain less cluttered from trying to remember everything.


While on the topic of keeping your brain less cluttered try to keep your priorities in order and don’t be afraid to tell someone your plate is full just remember mental clutter = being overwhelmed.

The second item is letting go of stuff you don’t need i.e make up, jewelry, and clothing.  Sort these things into a yes, no, or maybe pile for items like makeup; check the back if it’s over the expiration date and toss it. If it’s not ask yourself these questions :

Do I really need this?

Am I ever going to use this?

If any of the answers to these questions are no, you don’t need it. Besides, with makeup you only need two of the same product one main and one back up. The same thing goes with all your beauty essentials if you have more than two you can either toss it, or donate. Remember to keep the receipts in a small storage bin to see when you bought something, so you know when to throw it away. With clothing if it falls into the maybe category you can ask yourself the questions above or if it’s more than so many years old, you can judge right away, or is it something sentimental you just keep it tucked away in the part of the closet you don’t go in? Same thing goes for jewelry if it’s a yes, keep it, if it is a no, donate it with the clothes you tossed out earlier!

Also remember to keep away from sales! Sales are the easiest trap you can fall into when you’re trying to get organized. You buy a lot of unnecessary stuff and have nowhere to put it, so it just sits in a corner in your room collecting dust.


The next thing on our list is organizers like storage bins, baskets and bins, carts and drawers, cubbies, shelving units and desk organizers. For seasonal items such as clothing and holiday decorations, this is handy in eliminating the need to sift through all your items until you find something seasonally “proper”. For all  of your crafts, such as art supplies, threads, fabric, and patterns use the 5-drawer storage cart. For you comic books manga & anime, use the basket organizer. The most important things you want to remember when organizing is to color code everything! This makes putting things back in the right place easier.

And that’s all of the helpful information I have! It is a process, something that’s not going to happen overnight. If you have to keep starting over that’s fine too, as long as you keep your New Year’s resolution of staying organized. Happy sorting!