Krampus Movie Review

Krampus Movie Review

Krampus was everything I had hoped for. It is a wonderful holiday movie that has people questioning if it is horror or comedy, much in the same way people did with Trick r’ Treat (which makes sense considering Michael Dougherty directed both).

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(Mild Spoilers)

The movie begins with a montage of hundreds of customers storming into a store for their Christmas shopping, which can be seen as part of the movie’s trailer. While running through the stores the customers are trampling over the store’s employees and other shoppers before grabbing every item they can get their hands on. Of course in doing so they destroy several things. All of this is going along to the tune of “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas”.

This scene had people laughing right off the bat. While this is a completely crazy image, it’s something that actually happens. Showing just how crazy people can get to save a few dollars.

Max, (Emjay Anthony) then gets into a fight with another kid about Santa in the next scene, and instead of trying to stop them, everyone pulls out phones and records them. Another joke about our current reality.

The family returns home and the mother, Sarah (Toni Collette) is stressing out trying to make everything perfect before relatives arrive for dinner. Max’s German grandmother Omi (Krista Stadler) is baking while Sarah still fusses with various things around the kitchen. Once the rest of the family arrives things begin to go down hill. Everyone is frustrated with each other and of course the kids are picking on each other. Max’s letter to Santa gets stolen by one of the cousins and that is the final straw for him. When he finally gets it back he goes to his room and tears it up, throwing it out the window (which was the turning point in the movie’s several trailers).

The complete lack of holiday cheer shifts the mood as the comedy begins to turn to horror. However, the comedy never completely leaves and I wouldn’t actually call this movie scary. I had a grin on my face nearly the whole time. There are a few jump-scares, but they are well placed.

The following morning it is revealed that there was a massive snow storm and the whole street is out of power. Luckily, they have a fire place that the grandmother is intently focused on keeping going. After all, nothing can come down the chimney if the fire is still going, right? A Santa bag is found outside the door and, in typical horror movie fashion, no one questions in and just brings it inside. Then the teenage daughter Beth decides to go down the street to her boyfriend’s house. I’m sure you can guess how well that works out. The movie begins to pick up speed here and never loses momentum.

I won’t go into details about what happens when Krampus comes out to play, I suggest you go see it for yourself.

All in all, it was a great movie that I highly recommend! It will totally become a holiday tradition for me to watch this movie every year. (Along with The Nightmare Before Christmas)


Couple side notes, Spoilers…




  • A neat thing I noticed during the film that may or may not actually matter is the Snowmen outside in the front yard. They are shown throughout increasing in number but I don’t think this is random. I think they are the body count. Every time someone disappears or is killed you see another snowmen.  Snowmen Gif
  • The Gingerbread men were the cutest thing I have ever seen and if I were to die from evil Christmas cookies I would be okay with them. Gingerbread men clip
  • The ending of the movie was a little confusing, but still interesting nonetheless. Its a multi-reality theory from what I can tell, but I try not to think to hard about fictional plots.
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