Marvel on Netflix

Marvel on Netflix

If you haven’t heard already, Marvel Cinematic Universe has partnered with Netflix which will be introducing five new characters to their 2016 roster of “comics to live-action” in the next few miniseries. This is essentially a setup to the crossover miniseries The Defenders. So! If you happen to love binge watching origin stories, then this line up is for you.

Minor warning for those hardcore fans of the comic book versions of Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist; these series will be a far departure from what familiar with that character. However, Marvel does an excellent job of hinting at future characters and weaving in the events from past Marvel films.

First off, we have the complete first season of Daredevil. The story of Matthew “Matt” Murdock starts a few years after a childhood rescue leaves him blind from radioactive chemicals. As a result, his other senses have evolved.

While you won’t find this Daredevil running in the iconic red suit, I find the Frank Miller version easy enough to associate with. The show begins with a murder case that’s also connected to a powerful crime group. While moonlighting as a masked vigilante, Daredevil begins to follow clues to the true motive behind the framing of his latest client.

Another season one wrap up is Jessica Jones. Formerly a superhero for hire turned private eye, Jessica Jones uses her abilities (super strength and the occasional power jump) to solve client problems while struggling with PTSD and a severe drinking habit.

After taking on a missing girl case, Jessica begins to notice patterns similar to her own traumatic past repeating. The Purple man, a powerful mind manipulator, has returned.

While some may remember Jessica Jones as a hard-nosed detective, Marvel seems to have taken a darker approach to this character. While she hasn’t complete left the PI racket, the show does a great job in showcasing a diverse cast and subtle nods to the comic origins of Jessica and crew.

Then we have “Marvel’s Luke Cage” coming at a later date in 2016. Luke is introduced in Jessica Jones as the man with unbreakable skin. Since there is no definitive hints of where his origin story will start, I’m going to hazard a guess at an experiment gone wrong and may be a journey into how he becomes a “Hero for Hire”.

After which, the “Iron Fist” will début sometime in 2017. Danny Rand is a mystical, martial artist who later partners up with Cage for a few runs at the baddies plaguing Harlem.

When The Defenders finally make an appearance, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil and Iron Fist will be teaming up together. Now, before you go running to the nearest comic shop for a copy of the Defenders, I will say the original Defenders were not these four. In fact, the original lineup was the Hulk, Doctor Strange, Sub Mariner, and Silver Surfer.

I suspect, because Fox has the rights to Fantastic Four, the Defenders will actually follow the New Defenders story arc.

If you’re curious to find out all the facts for yourself, pick up an issue.

It has not announced who they’ll be facing as of yet. Lots of fan theories are floating around out there.

Most of all, the current running ABC television shows (Agent Carter, Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.) will soon be available for streaming later this year.