The Night Before Movie Review

The Night Before Movie Review

The Night Before is a comedy movie centered around Christmas. The Three main characters are all best friends that have always spent the holiday together after Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character loses his parents in a car accident. Together they are set on doing as many traditional things as possible, while every year trying to find information on a huge party called the “Nutcracker Ball”.

While the comedy is there, the main message of the movie is growing up and growing apart. The three men have begun to grow apart as one is now a professional football player, and another is starting a family, leaving the last one alone. So they are determined to make their last Christmas together the best one yet.

They finally obtain the tickets they have always wanted to the Nutcracker Ball and the majority of the movie is prior to the party. They have to wait until a certain time before the location of the party is disclosed. In the mean time they run around trying to get weed to take to the party and various other things that are all pretty much shown in the trailer.

I have to say, after seeing the trailer I was really interested in seeing this movie, but the movie itself was a huge letdown. It was not nearly as funny as I had expected. Now, it wasn’t a terrible movie. It just wasn’t for me. It had some rather amusing moments scattered throughout and a couple professional athlete cameos (football players) and a celebrity cameo and performance of “Wrecking Ball” By Miley Cyrus. It just didn’t keep the momentum going that it needed to hold most of the theaters attention. The Trailer was pretty much all the highlights of the movie.

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