The Martian Movie Review

The Martian, released October 2nd, 2015, is a movie about a man who, after being presumed dead and abandoned by his crew during a manned Mars mission, has to find a way to survive and find his way home. The movie featured Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain as commanding characters, and was directed by Ridley Scott. 

As interested as I am in sci-fi movies, I was really looking forward to seeing The Martian. Bonus that my favorite actor Sebastian Stan has a significant role in the film. I am always a bit worried when a book becomes a movie, but I feel they did a good job with this one. It keeps the momentum going and keeps viewers interested in what is going to happen. While the story focuses on Matt Damon’s character being alone on Mars, we still get plenty of time on earth with the companies trying to help bring him home and even his original crew who left him behind by mistake. It is a long movie so be prepared, it’s 2 hours and 25 mins. I really enjoyed it and am now interested in reading the book as well. If you like a lot of science this movie is right for you.

Kacie Jones

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