Victor Frankenstein Movie Review

I can not tell you how excited I was to see this movie. Science Fiction and monster movies are my favorite, yet this one failed to impress me. (It was also kind of hard to take seriously when its Harry Potter and Charles Xavier playing with body parts). This movie’s narrative is told from Igor’s point of view, which is an interesting change. Frankenstein’s assistant turns out to be a brilliant man as well. The movie focuses more on the early experiments and builds up the the monster we are all familiar with. However, this build up is rather slow and the romance story added in was not needed. The movie feels a lot longer than it actually is. The action we were promised in the trailer was held off until the end. Now I’m not saying it was a terrible movie; it had quite a few funny moments, but I was just expecting more action and a bit of suspense. I did enjoy how much actual science was put in, the writers definitely did their homework. I recommend seeing this film with friends you can joke with during the movie, and don’t try to take it too seriously. Finally, the plot twist – the reason Victor is doing everything was quite unexpected and very well done. I would watch it again, but I wouldn’t pay for it again.

Kacie Jones

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