Goosebumps Movie Review

Goosebumps Movie Review

I was really looking forward to this movie, I grew up reading the books and watching the TV show. I was very excited when I saw Goosebumps was going to have a modern remake with 2015 graphics.

I will admit I thought it was going to be a horror movie like the previous Goosebumps films. Even though the books were for kids they were kinda scary themselves so I expected to movie to have a few jump scares. However, it was actually a comedy/ fantasy genre. (Which Jack Black as the star should have been a giveaway.) 

The movie was released on October 16th 2015, with a run time of 103 mins.

Plot Summary

Zach Cooper is upset about moving to a small town, like most teenagers would be. However, things instantly start looking better for him when he spies the cute girl next door (Hannah) while he’s moving things into the house. Of course she has a creepy dad who tells him to stay on his side of the fence and leave them alone. After sneaking out with Hannah and befriending her one night, he believes she is in trouble. Zack and his friend Champ sneak into the house and find all of the Goosebumps manuscripts. Hannah’s dad is revealed to actually be R.L. Stine. It turns out that all of the monsters he wrote about became real when he wrote them, and they are all locked in the books to keep everyone safe. Well, that is until Champ and Zack unknowingly unlock one and set off a chain reaction releasing dozens of monsters into the town. Now it is up to Hannah, Zack, and Champ to save the town with the help of R.L. Stine.

You can find a list of all monsters that appear in the film here. Beware of spoilers!

Spoiler Free review

This movie is great for both old fans of the book series and gentle enough to take small kids to. While all of Stine’s monsters are supposed to be in this movie there are a few noticeable ones missing and only a handful that really get screen time. There are several really funny moments that had the theater laughing but there were also a few sad moments to balance the film out. The plot twist was really well done and not expected ahead of time. (It also made sense which is important). Bonus the twist was relevant for the rest of the plot, not something put in place to just shock people with and move on. It was important for the ending.

All in all it was a very enjoyable film that can be watched again and again. It was lighthearted enough for the kids to enjoy but also had some serious overtones that helped the older audience stay interested. The happy ending was a good plus, too.

I give it a 7.5 out of 10.

(Not really important but something I loved was the movie was set in Delaware- which is where I grew up!)


Spoilers below!



The crazy aunt trope is funny at first but it can get on your nerves toward the middle.

The ‘moving to a new town because of parents divorce/death’ trope is over used these days.

The entire movie is mostly centered around Slappy the dummy from Night of the Living Dummy. I personally never saw him as the ringleader type.

The plot twist with the daughter being a monster was unexpected and well done. However she seems not to know anything about it until its revealed then she knew all along. “How many 16th birthdays can one girl have?” Hannah is also from the book “The Ghost Next Door” so anyone could have made the connection, but most of us didn’t.

Happy ending is nice, but wasn’t really needed. Do you really want to date a girl some crazy guy wrote up?

Final plot twist, Invisible Boy is still on the loose. 



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