Dungeons and Dragons

DnD 5e: Dragon Encounter and Mass Combat

The players arrive at the Gold City to warn of the impending battle and try to uncover the secrets of the three cities. After coming face to face with a dragon, the players and I battle using homebrew mass combat mechanics.
After a week of travel by boat the players arrive at the gold city. It takes them nearly a day to gain audience with the king but inform the king of the army of braindead and monsters heading their way. The king had been keeping spies in the White city and had figured as much. The players take a long rest and then join in the king’s council to decide how to handle the upcoming invasion. After much arguing the group decides to leave and explore the mystery behind the creation of the three cities.

Barthalo, a mage from past quests, points out that the three cities form a perfect triangle and that each city is created from a magical stone that does not exist from this plain of existence. The necromancer Halfling finds an interesting history of the city in the library while researching for new spells. The history suggests that there were once dwarves in the mountains bordering the city that helped bring this rare stone from another plane of existence. The dwarves were all wiped out and the portals location remained hidden.

Kyro, the barbarian dragonborn, attempts to break into the mountain side and it is only with the help of the druid that they find the ancient temples of the dwarves. As they explore the group stumbles upon a dragon and his horde. The dragon explains that it was he whom killed the dwarves for both their gold and their ignorance. The dragon closed the portal long ago and has remained in the mountains since.

Puzzling and diplomacy take place and Kyro finds himself with a new weapon, the magical forger fire hammer that’s chain burns those whom touch it. The dragon, now awakened from his slumber, moves to now attack the city but the Paladin bargains with him, promising him a new greater cavern of gold if the dragon does not attack or kill people. The dragon agrees to the bargain and the party leaves.

They return and aid in the preparation of the cities defenses. Within a few days the battle is upon them. The players worked with siege warfare and we used homebrew rules to encompass mass battle. While currently there is little in regards to mass combat rules for DnD 5th edition, pathfinder has a large selection of mass combat rules. Using these rules we adjusted them to fit DnD 5th edition and each player was able to control several battalions of different fighters. The conversion from Pathfinder to DnD was not nearly as strenuous as I believed it would be and the players seemed to enjoy their first experience with mass combat.

Although DnD is meant to be a roleplaying game, I look forward to future mass combat rules for DnD 5th edition as it can be an easy way to change up the monotony of battle. Until then, Pathfinders mass combat rules in translation work fine. The mass combat ended with the full invasion of the Gold City, and the player characters quickly ran to the king’s tower in order to stop the infiltrating force. What they found was a ritual of mages taking place in the high tower and before they could stop it they were all magically frozen as they watched the king disintegrate in front of their eyes.

Shadow_DemonThe next thing they see is a large demon creature standing before them. The creature claims it is the paladins familiar in true form. It tells them that it can rescue them from their fate of being trapped in the lowest of the demon planes but can only do it now. Everyone agrees to be rescued other than the Dragonborn Kyro, who has come this far to find his missing siblings and is not ready to give up the quest to find them.

Next time the players start with new characters (other than Peter whom continues to play Kyro) in their new campaign to escape the demonic plane.