DIY Christmas Gifts for Your Fellow Nerds

DIY Christmas Gifts for Your Fellow Nerds

Christmas is less than a month away so here are some unique nerdy gift ideas give to that otaku, geek, or gamer in your life. I know a lot of us are on a budget, so here are some DIY gifts for the holiday season which any skill level can do – from beginners to experts. Now a lot of these projects you can do for under $20, and they are nice little gifts they can enjoy all year long, from paintings to pillows to letters that spell your name with their favorite characters on it, as well as gift boxes!

The first one is a paper mache box set you can paint and use as a gift box and also to store little things like jewelry or craft items afterward. All you do is paint them (depending on what brand you might need to coat them two or three times) and decorate them in their favorite fandom or use some old comics! Cut them out, glue them to the box, let it sit, then cover it with varnish or mod podge. Then you’ll have something one of a kind!

The next one is single letter stencils you can get at craft stores. You can find some letters that spell out their names, and then use their favorite fandom and paint the letters in and you’re done or – do the same thing with the boxes!

If you’re not really a painter, crocheting and knitting your gift is always a great option – you can always make a nice scarf, hat, or gloves in their favorite series. If they are a Doctor Who fan, you can make them the 4th doctor’s scarf or the 11th doctor’s fez. If they’re a Star Wars fan, you can make a hat with Princess Leia’s buns (you can find the tutorial for this and other nerdy things in the book Knits for Nerds). Crochet purses are a really nice gift for the holidays, because they are just as warm and cozy as scarves; HelloHappy has created a very cute Totoro drawstring purse you can get from her Etsy store; sadly this tutorial is not for beginners.

Something more simple is plushies! They are something everyone can enjoy. Nerdigurumi has an array of crochet patterns which are free and they come with a how-to  something easy like crocheting Father from Azumanga Daioh, to something more advanced like Claptrap from Borderlands.

Some gift ideas for the seamstress/cosplayer in your life is making them, for instance, sewing machine covers, push pins, pillows etc. With the recent rise of geek culture in mainstream, companies like Joann’s and other fabric store are selling fabrics with prints from Star Wars, Doctor Who, and even superheroes which makes nice dresses (like the one I did), pillows , purse and much more.

The last gift idea I wanted to share is a phone changer station! They are a really cool and useful way to keep your phone safe if you accidentally knock over your phone. There is a tutorial by you can follow – this one is how to make a Tardis phone charger station, but you can use this for other series, just follow the same guidelines!

I hope these DIY ideas are fun and useful and that your friends enjoy I know I certainly did. Some of these gifts take anywhere from an 1 hour to a day depending on your free time. Happy crafting!