More Monsters!


Between literature, television, movies and plenty other sources of media, I’m sure creatures such as Vampires, witches, werewolves and zombies has been bashed into our heads whether we like it or not. With such a variety of these so-called “monsters” to pick from, it’s almost annoying that these are the few we always go back to. Millions of different creatures and other were-monsters wait their turn to shine, to be known for what they are. Another day. Instead of naming off many different creatures only a small few have ever heard of, and you’ll probably never hear again, I’ve selected a few different creatures that have risen in popularity as of recent. That, or maybe someday I’d like for them to rise.


Who run the world?? Ghouls.

Right! Those one things from that one anime. Ghouls are a type of demon, a demon which takes on a mostly human-like form (think zombie). However, what distinguishes them different from a zombie? The difference is Ghouls were never alive to begin with. They were always a demon, they were always a Ghoul. The second largest difference in them is their eating habits. Zombies don’t have much of a preference as far as eating goes: alive, dead, injured, animal, human, any of that. Ghouls, however tend to eat what is already dead, humans specifically. They’re known to grave rob frequently.


Probably the most relatable.

This is a spirit you want to stay away from, or at least hope you don’t see anytime soon. Banshee’s are women spirits who show up and start to wail if someone is about to die. They are considered to be the messengers of death and bad omens, for very obvious reasons. In some ways, Banshee are helpful. As some stories have it, a Banshee shows up, being able to see ahead that a family member will die, even if they are far away. Their wails warns the family ahead of time, and in a time when ink and paper was the only means of communication and people went on adventures to simply never be heard from again, at least that was a bit of closure for some families.


“It was just a prank, Hannah!”

This particular monster spiked in interest very recently. You know who I’m looking at. Honestly, I believe this is what most people want Ghouls to be. These are the creatures that have transformed from a human being. Their main attribute focus on cannibalism, and is thought that those who partook in it were more likely to turn into one. Despite their relation to cannibalism and eating, they are more so symbols of starvation. Their looks reflect this, being boney and skin tight against them, the unhealthy look of starvation settling in and their eyes sunken deep within their skulls.

In some cultures, Windigo have slightly different attributes. Some traditions claimed that a person could turn into a Windigo simply by being very greedy, as such a Windigo is, always craving more. Many other groups also believed the Windigo grew with every person they ate, growing well over many times the size of a human. In Algonquian culture, cannibalism was believed to disrupt the balance of nature, as say, hitting a bird would.


Much like their name suggests, they’re pretty shaded in mystery.

A ghost-like reaper, that we assume to be evil. But what do we actually know about these spirits? There are many definitions to what a Wraith is, and I beg you do your own research on it too if you’re that interested. Some of the most common information to come across is the fact that a Wraith is in fact an embodiment of a soul before or after their death. They’re death omens in a way, and just about all of the legends say they’re evil.

There are step by step processes in which to get rid or even defeat a Wraith. They appear to be very dangerous, able to take control of those they can find darkness within. Generally they take a somewhat humanoid form, however looking more like a Grim Reaper. Dark purple robes, hoods, general spooky, scary attire.

As for who becomes a Wraith, it’s unclear in many of the legends. Wraiths themselves are obviously out for one thing and that is to kill their next victim. Whether they turn into Wraiths then, that’s a mystery. One legend claims that sorcerers become Wraiths after they die from an illness that they couldn’t cure no matter how many potions they tried.