Gen Con 2015 Review

Gen Con 2015 Review

Another year has come and gone in Indianapolis where thousands from all over the world come to Gen Con. The smell of different types of food intoxicate the air on Georgia Street. Cosplayers stand in the hallway for congoers to take their pictures. Special guests, vendors, and artist sit at their booth to give their time to every person who stops by. There is a reason Gen Con is the best four days in gaming. That is because that is exactly what it is.

Everyday, everyone would crowd outside the vendor’s hall, anxious to get in and get their purchases. From, gaming, to movies, to collectables, and even to steampunk, if you were looking for something, Gen Con most likely had it. As usual a big hit was the Battletech pods, which is a simulation of you controlling a Mech (basically a robot) of your choosing and going head to head. All the way from expert pilots to beginners, with the help from the Battletech crew from different states it was a fun experience, I recommend it for all.

You would think for card games that it would all stay indoors. Not at Gen Con. Georgia street not only sponsored varieties of food trucks for the con goers, but they also sponsored card game tourney’s and even a couple of free concerts to entertain everyone. Thank goodness for the amazing weather we had that weekend.

Some of our special guests included Summer Glau who is most know for her iconic character in Firefly as River Tam. She also plays as Cameron Philips in Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles. Another guest of honor was Marina Sirtis who is mostly known for her character in Star Trek: The Next Generation as Deanna. She was also in the academy award winning movie “Crash”, plus numerous guest appearances in several popular tv shows.

Gen con made a new attendance record of 61,423 attendees this year. Whether it was  all that Gen Con has to offer, the special guests, or the fact Gen Con welcomes ALL and stands up for that, it will always be an open and friendly place for all walks and interests alike. And as always I give Gen Con a 10 out of 10 and will be looking forward to next year!