September Cosplay of the Month

September Cosplay of the Month

Every month The D20 Girls will accept entries from around the world to compete as our Cosplay of the month.

September introduces you to Melissa Busha (Miric) from Colorado. She cosplays Rayne from BloodRayne.


10708760_859519504096292_2501674994817420393_o11402310_859519347429641_6467610507868258660_oI am particularly proud of this cosplay because I made everything but
my shoes and the hair on the wig. I had to sew a lot of this by hand because I didn’t own a sewing machine at the time and I had never worked with leather material before. My swords were also handmade and swing on a hinge to lock into place, which can make for good action shots but can be put up for when I’m just resting or walking around. I chose to cosplay this character not just because she is sexy but because I feel like her and I possess a lot of the same personality traits including: sarcasm, swearing like a sailor, and striving to achieve her goals. I have always been a fan of anything undead like zombies and vampires, while she it technically a damphir (half human, half vampire) and this game is just great hack and slash fun! Being in this cosplay has also helped boost my self esteem in my personal life as well as help me get the confidence to start putting my cosplay out in social media. Even my name, Miric, is actually an acronym tribute to her: Make It Rayne In Colorado. I really do owe a lot to this cosplay and hope people enjoying seeing her as much as I like being her! These photos were done by my friend Joran Dibble who doesn’t have a photography page unfortunately. 

 ***If you are interested in being our Cosplay of the Month please send entries to and include 1 or 2 High Quality pictures with *your name, *location, and *full details about the costume, *what fandom it’s from, *who made it, *why you chose to cosplay it and *any social media site links you would like us to include.No gender or fandom preference. Just you and your full on nerdiness! If chosen you will be featured on our site all month long. Remember this happens every month! So always send us submissions, SHARE this, smile, and keep on cosplaying.