DnD 5e: Guards, Guts, and Glory

DnD 5e: Guards, Guts, and Glory

My RPG group proceeded to the next part of the campaign, the Pure City. This part of the adventure escalates and delves more into the devilish plots of the dark cult as well as raising questions about how the players had developed their characters up to this point.

downloadThe party of six arrives at the city and follows up to the city gates as it begins to near sunset. The guards promptly stop to inspect the belongings of just the Dragonborn in the book. The Dragonborn continue to be singled out as the party progresses though the city. He is roughed up and eyed by quite a few guards and a skirmish almost ensues before the druid elf pulls him away.

The gnome fighter decides to join in the styles of the city and buys a toga like garment which allows him to better blend in with the crowds. The rather outrageous Halfling runs off to a library to try to decipher and find some old necromancy spells while the rest hit the taverns.

It is not too long before the run in Caius, an NPC from Lucy’s singleton who won the tournament and the ability to enter the King’s tournament. Once again the Dragonborn Barbarian sticks to his stereotype and almost starts a tavern brawl, outwardly declaring Caius as his enemy in the upcoming King’s tournament.

With qualifiers the next day everyone gets a decent rest. The next day all are entered into the http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm243/fsultana/DSCF3038.jpgtournament which involves two rounds of 1v1 combat in a tight circle. If you win both you receive entry to the King’s tournament. The Halfling pulled out a stunning victory of guts and glory by beating his opponent in the shin with a lead pipe until his opponent gave in. The crowd was going wild! The Barbarian as well as Elf Druid and Gnome fighter also make it past the first round.

The other losers with rather upset as they lost to a rather adept fighter NPC I built. It was easy to see how in a close combat arena a mage would be at quite a disadvantage. It was irking to those in the party whom watched their characters loose. But all was made up for when in the next round each of the losers got matched to one of the winners and used their characters class and stats to verse the winners.

I feel rarely it is that players get to fight against each other with their characters. It is usually an eye opening experience as it shows the weaknesses and strengths of each character. Several players asked if they could rework some aspects of their character (which I allowed as I am a flexible DM). The person most unhappy was Lucy with her Elf. She is debating whether to completely change her class as she wishes to do more hitting rather than magic with her druid.

In the end, the Dragonborn Barbarian and Gnome Fighter made it through. A large support came towards the Gnome from the other gnomes in the city which Matt (Playing the gnome) would use to his advantage next time.

During viewing, the Human Paladin played by Thomas discovered a rather suspicious group of people whom were magically aiding one of the contestants. Using his vast knowledge of religion he found they worship the same god as him but were hiding their religious affiliation due to the ban on any religious practices. He secretly slipped them a note asking them to come to his inn room.

Later that night the human bard, well actually he’s a fighter with a bard like stereotyped personality, noticed an elf that looked almost familiar at the tavern when playing his lute. The elf disappeared before he could get a good read on him.

The troubles grow as next time they thwart an assassination attempt and the Paladins familiar disappears from this plane of existence!