September 2015 Movie Releases

September 2015 Movie Releases

As we reach a close to the end of the Summer and transition into the beautiful colors of the changing leaves for Fall, the movies are still coming full of action with a touch of scary.


September 4th

The Transporter Refueled

Do your best not to make him the late. Especially when the Transporter is now being a victim of circumstance that involves three gorgeous blonde women and a bank heist. Filled with action scenes, a call for revenge, and a schedule to keep. Rated PG-13


Dragon Blade

Adrian Brody stars as a man in command of an army conquering everything in it’s path. Jackie Chan and John Cusack team up together to stop in at all cost with everything they have. It’s a movie that promises not only action to the fullest, but also a touch of humor. Rated PG-13


Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine

We’ve seen a variety of actors portray Steve Jobs. This time, it’s a documentary that is based on the life of the Apple giant, himself. It takes us through the journey of his successes, his failures, his life, and his problems. We hear it through the mouths of his former employees, his friends, and his family. NR


Wednedsay, September 9th

Coming Home

Sony Pictures Classics brings us a movie where a father who was torn away from his family, comes home three years to see that his wife cannot remember him. She asks him to read the letters that are from her husband which define the journey that he has taken in order to come back to her. Rated PG-13


September 11th

The Visit

Two kids are invited to spend a week with their grandparents. They’re rules are quite simple: laugh, love, and be in bed by 9:30. From the writer and director that brought you Signs and The Happening, along with the producers of Paranormal Activity and Sinister, comes a movie where you’ll think twice about minding your grandparents. Rated PG-13


September 18th

Maze Runner: Scrotch Trials

After breaking through the Maze, they are taken to a facility where there are mysterious things going on. After finding out the truth, the break out and head into The Scorch. If they thought The Maze was a trial, they have no idea what they are in for. Rated PG-13



A group of scientists go on an extensive expedition to Mount Everest until everything is turned upside down by a freak storm that really proves what it will take to come back to Earth even in the extreme conditions of the mountain top. Rated PG-13



Elijah Wood and Raine Wilson star as teachers who lock themselves down in their own school after the children were infected with a zombie-like virus that has been brought on by none other than…chicken nuggets. It’s rated R, but it is jammed back with comedy and hilarious-ness. Come on, who doesn’t like a movie where the zombies are children?



Emily Blunt plays an FBI agnet who receives an out of the ordinary case that takes her into El Paso, and go after a hitman that is known as Sicario. As they head into Mexico, it starts to get gritter, and a hell of a lot more dealier. Rated R


September 25th

Hotel Transylvania 2

Dracula and the gang are back! Bleah!! When there’s talk about  his daughter moving out, they come up with a plan to have her son get his vampire teeth before he’s 5. Rated PG



Every one has fought for their equal rights. This movie focuses on the one thing that our country has slowly started to recognize after so long: gay civil rights. Taking us back in time to Stonewall, comes a movie that shows us what it’s all about. Rated R


DVD/Blu-Ray Releases

September 1st

Mad Max: Fury Road


September 8th

The Age of Adaline


September 15th

Fast and Furious


Monkey Kingdom


September 22nd

Pitch Perfect 2


September 29th