Memphis Gaming Expo 2015 Reivew

Memphis Gaming Expo 2015 Reivew

This year was the first year that the Memphis Gaming Expo was held, and it took place on August 15th, 2015 at the Landers Center in Southaven, Mississippi. I attended as a vendor with my crafting project, 8bit Grit. I sold 8 bit recreations and mashups made out of perler beads, and my husband sold some of his collection of vintage video games and consoles. I was hoping there would have been more artists and vendors, but since this is the first Memphis Gaming Expo, I’m sure there will be more next year.a43eeade-eccc-49b2-941f-7fbd945c6256

The folks that hosted the Memphis Gaming Expo are also the same group of people that produce The Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention, usually held in November of each year. There were several activities to participate in, including a cosplay contest, LARP, video game demonstrations, a Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 campaign, several Bricks & Heroes LEGO activities, and of course, shopping. G3 had a room set up exclusively for video games and  Shadowcon sponsored several of the gaming tables, and had a booth set up with information about their convention in January.

8bitgrit1I really liked that there were LOTS of different kinds of tables set up for gaming. I noticed a few people brought their new Exploding Kittens decks, or were playing Magic, or Warhammer. Several groups happily occupied one table for most of the duration of the Expo. Riverside Opera, a Vampire: The Masquerade LARP, ran a 5 hour campaign to gauge interest in the group.

The main event hall was pretty much set up with vendors and artists around the outside walls, and gaming tables set up in the middle. There were large, round tables that could fit about 8 people, and large, banquet­style tables that were more suitable for larger groups. You could bring your own games, join an ongoing game, or even purchase games from the vendors. The vendors offered a wide range of gaming products, as well as licensed gear, hand made crafts and artwork. My table was nestled in between Animax and an artist’s table, where I got to know graphic artist Mat Kaminsky. I purchased several prints from him, and a kitty face purse from Animax, one of

my favorite vendors.