Classic Game Fest 2015

Classic Game Fest 2015

For the eighth year, Classic Game Fest has been bringing retro gamers to the land of the weird, in Austin, Texas. Two11830300_10207356670699561_485588993_n days’ worth of events took place in Palmers Event Center; live Nerd core rapping, Bands, Celebrity Guests, and Roller Derby. The Founder of CGF, David, also owns and operated Game Over Video Games which caters to gamers of old school game consoles. From Nintendo to Play Station One, attendees can find childhood favorites amongst vendors dealing wear that show off that nostalgia pride.

One major guest in particular, Ernest Cline, was highly anticipated since the internet was abuzz over Hollywood’s decision to make “Ready, Player One” into a feature film. The story is based in 2044, it follows Wade Watts, a teen that only enjoys being in the virtual world known as OASIS. While in this world, he devotes his time to solving the many puzzles hidden within it based on pop culture of decades past and the promise of power and fortune. When Wade finds his first clue to the creator of the game, he finds himself facing other players willing to kill for the ultimate prize. If you’re ever in need of a nerdy read, Ernest Cline’s “Ready, Player One” and “Armada” should be added to the list of must haves.

11815943_10207356670299551_215959114_n The Texas D20 Girls were invited out this year as sponsors for the Cosplay Contest. Our table was set with information about the D20 Girls Project and upcoming projects for Texas. Over 50+ costumers competed in the children, teen, and adult categories. First, second, and honorable mention awards were given along with gift cards to Game Over Video Games. We also ran a hall way contest on the last day of the convention.

What’s a con without a few podcasters? We ran into our friends from Space City Nerd, a nerdy podcast group from Houston. They were promoting their mini game based on live action street fighting. Later, we were guests on the Dark Fyre Entertainment Podcast, based in Austin. We discussed what it means to be a female geek, in male dominated hobby as well as what five things we would take on a deserted island. The episode we’ll be a part of should air sometime this week under Live at Classic Game Fest.11798305_10207356662419354_427018168_n

While there was no shortage of things to see, attendees were kept busy by visiting our group table and various tournaments going on. A free-play arcade was provided by Arcades4Home. Tournaments of both classic and new school gaming were projected on the convention wall. The street passing zone was placed before the Main Stage with plenty of bean bags to lounge about.

If you were looking for a trade-in or vintage repair, there was a vendor for all these needs! Not to mention the exclusive screening of Nintendo Quest, a documentary for collecting rare Nintendo games and the people who love the company, was shown on the final day.

Classic Game Fest is by far, a preferred destination for a laid-back convention for gaming enthusiast. Just over the bridge from the infamous, SoCo (South Congress) street for local eats and drinks on the town. The Texas Chapter will be returning for another round of Cosplay and retro fun.

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