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Question: Ok, so I need some help. Obviously from your expertise or I would have just watered down some “Dear Ann Landers” regurgitation and waited for a non-sensical answer. Ok…so I like a female…..I am geek…her…not so much. I have been playing table top for over 30+ years…yes I have an original Gamma World….point? How do you say goodbye? I know being a single parent of a 17 y/o beautiful girl and looking like white Shrek doesn’t help…..but how do I close my heart and accept it is a “not in this lifetime” scenario?

Answer: The first thing I have to ask you is, Are you sure it is a “not in this life time” scenario? I wouldn’t shut it down before you start anything up. So I’m going to give you two parts of advice/answers.

Scenario A: If you haven’t addressed your interest in her, with her, do so. As a table top gamer myself I have gone out for coffee with plenty of people who have no idea what a Bestiary is. Her not being a geek isn’t really an issue unless you want potential partners to have the same interests. Invite her out to coffee or a movie- a non comic book one. And see how it goes, worse she can do is say no and that takes us to,

Scenario B: You have expressed your interest and she has declined it. It sucks, but it happens. My advice here wouldn’t be to close your heart, it would be to go out and have a fun day with your daughter, spending time with people you care about helps to get your mind of the “Could have been”’s and lets you enjoy what you already have. If she isn’t available presently then gather some friends, especially the geek ones, and go do what I do, Hit up the comic book store, shop for a new video game and go see Ant-Man , Its great. Don’t dwell on it, and soon enough another interest will come along and this one, might be a geek too.

-Don’t give up!



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