Mechacon 2015 was absolutely spectacular! It’s a 3 day convention that’s held in the summer, in New Orleans,LA. There were tons of special guest and things to do! From Scavenger and Droid Hunts to Cosplay Contest and panels. There were people from all walks of life gathered in unity with a common interest in geek culture. If you’re a fan of anime, Sci-fi, video games, comic books, art or whatever-you owe it to yourself to attend!

IMG_20150717_154646Superhero’s, Storm Troopers, Trekkies, Anime and Video Game chracters, and so many more paraded the hallways of the Hilton New Orleans Riveraide to celebrate their enthusiasm of each Fandom (and music video’s). The Artist Alley and Dealers Room were magical with about everything you could imagaine to feed your cravings to obtain more geeky gear. In the Artist Alley, you found artist and fan tables galore. There were tons of artist doing real time commissions, while others displayed tons of pre-made art that they spent months on. The fan booth of the 501st Legion and Bast Alpha Garrison held a Droid Hunt for the entire convention, guest had a blast evading the Imperial Troopers. While downstairs in the dealers room there was so much to chose from! FUNimation had a both this year with all of their animes and gear setup. You could find Stempunk clothing, while simultaneously checking out the anime plushies. Vendors and booth staff were super friendly, and helpful when helping you find what you were looking for, even if it wasn’t at their booth.FB_IMG_1437604422459

Panels went from K-pop to Burlesque the host’s went out of their way to make them entertaining, interesting, on topic, and on time. Naturally, the panels that had more people attending started a touch late, but the staff did a great job directing the guest and moving things along. With the huge variety of panels offered, the convention catered to everyone’s passions and desires. The Cosplay contest was by far the largest in attendance. Special guest Queen D, was the host of the exuberant juncture, keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats and constantly laughing. The contestants were well directed as they flaunted across the stage. A few of the special guest involved included Steve Blum (voice actor for Digimon, Star Wars: Rebels and more). Mike McFarlane (DragonBall Z, One Piece, and others), Malindachan (Cosplay artist) and tons more.

IMG_20150718_182131A major highlight of the weekend was the gaming areas! They had consoles and tabletop areas offered with tournaments for various games, which included Super Smash Bro’s, Amibo and Melee, Halo:Reach, Call of Duty, and more! They even had a mini Video Game Cosplay contest, with Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition and others going on in the table top gaming area. Downstairs next to the dealers room, we had MechCorps Entertainment (Battle Tech Pods) which was their first appearance at Mechacon in over two years. They give the feeling of controlling a 75 ton machine into battle.IMG_20150717_153528

The experience was astounding, the event is constantly growing and changing. In years past, the lines at registration were tedious. But this year it was constantly moving, however knowing where to line up was a little confusing at first, but there were volunteers availabe to direct you and suoport you. As a convention Mechacon is always open to feedback and learning of new ways to keep thier guest happy and satisfied. Expect an even more magnificent convention at Mechacon 2016: The Last Party on Earth. Happening next July!


Cosplay Gallery


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