Let’s Read: Dengeki Daisy Volume 1

Let’s Read: Dengeki Daisy Volume 1

Hello manga fans! It is time to take a look at another amazing series known Dengeki Daisy by Motomi Kyousuke, a story about a strong spirited girl and her secret protector “DAISY”.

                Motomi Kyousuke is a rather well-known manga artist, with many popular works such as Beast Master, Bitter II, Misuai Celeb and more. Dengeki Daisy is centered on young Teru, a high school student that seems to have drawn the short stick in life. With her parents deceased at an early age, young Teru had no one to look after her except her kind older brother. But when his sickness got the best of him, the day came that Teru was left alone. The last thing her brother left her with was a cell phone, tell her that when she ever needed help, to contact a person by the name of “DAISY”. This person is a dear friend of his and has promised to look after his sister for him. With this Teru went on with her life as best as any young teen could do with the last her family gone.

                This we all learn from Teru’s thoughts or flash backs, as the story starts off with her already in high school, and with the assumption that she has been messaging “DAISY” for some time. But while she continues to tell “DAISY” that her life is great and she has no worries, it becomes obvious this is not true. Going to a where there is a clear line in social status, those that are considered poor, are constantly bullied by the student council (pretty much the richest kids at the school). And do to Teru’s refusal to just kneel down, she is a high target for torture. One day after a show down with some bullies, Teru in a fit of rage accidently breaks a window with a baseball, little does she know, this some act of destruction will change her everyday life from here on out. In comes Kurosaki Tasuke, a blonde headed janitor that looks like he belongs more in a fight club then cleaning the school halls. But none the less, when he comes searching for the kid that broke the window (only because he has to pay for it), Teru fesses up, and taking full responsibility for her actions. Tasuke then decides she will pay him back by working for him, or more like do his job for him. While Teru is stuck spending her after school time pulling weeds and trimming trees, the rumors around the school spread fast about a cyber-hacker that is targeting the school, and giving the student council more problems than they can handle.

                During a quick brawl between the Vice President and Teru, the cocky young man tries to take her phone, only to read a message specially sent to him, threatening him and revealing that the hacker is known as DAISY and more than likely the same one Teru speaks with. It is also here that the manga wastes no time giving hints that Tasuke is “DASIY”. Of course the message reads that the young man is to delete it before giving the phone back, and with this, the Vice President backs off and so does the rest of the student council. Once they have put together that both DAISYs are the same, the student council president comes to Teru in need of help. She reveals that the teacher helping the student council, Aisu, is not only in a relationship with herself, a student, but that he has also been using money and scholarships to embezzle, and the only proof is on a computer he has code locked. The president begs Teru to have “DAISY” help and hack the computer. When Aisu confronts the girls, Teru decides to ask for help for the first time, and with that a sarcastic voice lights up the computer and prints off all the proof needed to all the school printers. After all the hype goes down and Teru returns back to working with the “evil janitor”, she confronts him about being “DAISY”, while a slight bit of romantic attention gathers, he tells her no, and the two spin off into their play fight banter.

                As the next chapter rolls around, it starts off as normal, but as the pace goes on it becomes apparent that Teru is feeling guilt for asking “DAISY” to commit a criminal crime. As the word spreads about the DAISY hacker, while some see him as a hero, others can’t help but point out that he is a criminal and so is his actions. This thought makes Teru regretful of having “DAISY” preform the law breaking act, and she lets him known this. While out and about, she trips and loses her phone, not realizing so until later on. Panicked, Teru runs through the rain in search of the only form of contact her as with “DAISY”. Of course with this action, Teru becomes greatly sick. The rest of the chapter, after she faints and gets Tasuke banged in the head by a ladder, Teru is in bed rest and we start to see much more of Tasuke. While aggressive and harsh this chapter shows his true colors as he tends to Teru as she is sick, and manages to hunt down who stole her phone and threatens them into giving it back. This is a nice change in character with him, seeing a lighter side. It is when he returns the phone that Teru calls out to “DAISY”, in a dreamlike state she does not recognize or can fully see that who she is speaking to is Tasuke. The next hint that points to Tasuke is here, as he instantly turns to the name without a thought, nor does he deny it. The chapter wraps up with another cheerful banter between the two as Tasuke plays the role of “evil janitor” and Teru wishes for his hair to fall out and for him to become bald.

                A good thing about each chapter so far that even it has a similar pattern, there is always something new learned. Oddly enough in this chapter the focus comes around Teru and her weird friendship that is growing with the student council president. Starting off as enemies, it now seems that have a bond of trust as she did not reveal to anyone that Teru and “DAISY” are close and Teru becomes worried when she sees her with another dangerous guy. It is also on this outing that it is confirmed that Tasuke is “DAISY” when his friend calls him by DAISY once Teru has left. While some may have seen this as jumping the gun, I like it. We all know he is “DAISY” and for the manga to be like “your right!” is nice, instead of trying to stay mysterious. Though it still leaves Teru in the dark, which creates a nice conflict and tension during emotional moments. Example being in this chapter, Tasuke lectures her about getting involved in dangerous situations for someone that is not her friend or family. Which she replies then why does he worry for her. Of course this angers him because he does not want her to know he is actually “DAISY”. And of course Teru goes to help her friend, which gets her put in a love hotel with two sketchy guys, her friend and a camera (not hard to see what these guys were up too right?). And while a Teru fails to get a message to “DAISY” she gives on heck of a fight with the guys, refusing to just leave her friend there. All the while, Tasuke is already on his way and when he shows up wielding a small sort of chainsaw, and threating the play a “bloody” game, the guys scatter. Here is where a new side of Tasuke comes out, rather than playing it cool, he becomes so angered at Teru and does not even want to hear a thank you or talk to her. He simply takes her home. He then lectures her friend on romance. He begins to show the older brother character that Teru’s brother most likely asked of him to become. He shows that he has a great deal of concern for Teru and cares deeply. It is in his confession of what girl types he likes, that he reveals he may also love her, in a way he does not want, and refuses to show to her in respect, more than less, to her brother. Unlike all the other chapter wrap ups, knowing that Teru feels bad her making him angry, Tasuke decides to show a kinder side, rather than the evil janitor that he has always resorted to before.

                The final chapter is a rather good one in terms of tension. While starting on the down side of it being the death of her brother, a new player enters the game and more details begin to come out. Teru at the grave site meets a Takeda, whom was a former friend and worker with her brother and by chance is taking over Aisu’s spot as the programming teacher. It is when he and Tasuke meet that it becomes clear this guy may not be a good guy. While hiding it from Teru, it sows Tasuke knows him and does not seem happy to see him here. Furthermore, once alone, Tasuke makes it very clear that he is willing to kill him if he dares to hurt Teru. Apparently Takeda was a worker in the same field as her brother and Tasuke, but was of little talent and seems to be a devious person. The good thing is Teru shows that not only is she strong willed, but she is not stupid. While helping mister Takeda with some programs, he tries to force information out of her that she does not have, even scooping to down talk “DAISY” and reveal he knows who he is. All the while grabbing at her hands, Teru quickly refuses him, and states that she doesn’t need that type of information from him nor does she know anything. Were most heroines would have gotten into some weird situation in trying to find out info, Teru is smarter and understands a person’s right. Takeda truly shows to be the bad guy when Teru finds her place wrecked and everything destroyed and then taunts the fact that “DAISY” did not come in front of her. While Tasuke then begins to feel an inner conflict with hiding his real self and protecting Teru as “DAISY”. When he finally decides to leave, Teru shows up to his Masters restaurant to ask for his help, confiding to him the same words she sent “DAISY”. Tasuke of course takes her in while he decides to take care of Takeda in his own way. Threatening him, and knocking him out, he shows that he is not a man afraid to kill. The shocking part is in the end when while being taunted by his master of his feelings for Teru, Tasuke states that he cannot love her and has no right, because he is the one that killed her brother.

                The story starts off very well, and does not seem to slow down for one second, each chapter bringing something new to the table. And while it does a great job at showing multiple sides to the characters, it also builds tension very well, stopping at the right moments. Defiantly a must read, what do you think?