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Unearthing Gems

 Often I find myself having spent hours scouring the internet and manga reading sites in search of the next great one. When I finally happen upon a new series that catches my interest, finding myself falling in love with the characters and story line, I feel as though I have somehow unearthed a great treasure.

Like many enthusiasts of anime and manga, I imagine I am not the only person who loves to discover a new manga and become immersed.  While many readers are content in keeping up with the most popular and main stream manga, others, like myself, may be craving something new that they haven’t read yet, or just want something that the mainstream hasn’t worn out. Whatever the reason for the search, I think all can relate to the joy of falling in love with a new series, and the pride felt in recommending a gem to friends. For those looking for a new manga, here are a few of those gems.


cannonOriginally published in Japan in 1998, Cannon God Exxaxion/Houlin Exaxxion is categorized as action, ecchi, mature, mecha and seinen. This type of manga content is typically targeted towards attracting male readers, but female readers should not feel discouraged. At 81 chapters long, it is a completed series, despite most manga sites’ failure to label it as such. The description introduces the manga as the story of a high school boy turned world defender by his famous inventor grandfather due to previously considered friendly aliens turning on the people of earth in an attempt at a hostile takeover.

Being a mecha-type manga in a futuristic landscape, readers will feel no surprise at the giant robots. However, it was a pleasant surprise to find the storyline, while having plenty of tech, does not revolve purely around giant robots, but also focuses on other facets of the characters’ lives and the effects of the new war on both species. We get family squabbles, romance, and morality disputes—in short, plenty to keep readers occupied. Be warned though, this manga is definitely not for the faint of heart or young children. There is graphic violence, semi-consistent nudity, a sex scene, and a rape scene—plenty of sensitive material to work up anyone’s dander. For the majority of readers, fdbthough, I think the sheer realism of how each scene is played out—how the governments, people, enemies and allies interact, is what won me over. The manga is very real in the sense that there is no magical remedy or one action ‘fix all’ for any of the terrible things that happen to the characters. There is no happily ever after, so lovers of warm fuzzies may wish to skip this one.

Since the series is complete, readers can find it at a number of manga reading sites, including, but not limited to,,, and


50 Million Km, or Her and My distance 50 Million Km, is a manga I found more recently. First appearing on manga reading sites back in late 2011, it is 23 chapters long, and the series is completed. Encompassing a wide range of genres, including comedy, drama, fantasy, and sci-fi, the series tells the story of Mars Rover programmer Dr. Kim, who meets a female alien officer Heehae Ban—mind you, in this series alien contact with humans is strictly forbidden—and then really picks up and becomes quite the comedic drama. Including a government agent with a temper problem, a personal android that decides to develop a mind of its own, and an alien outcast who wants to help earth by taking it over, the wide array of colorful characters this manga presents moves the story along and keeps it interesting. Add in a splash of large breasts, short shorts, a shower scene, and a flirtatious co-worker with little regard for social boundaries and I think you have a little something for everyone to enjoy. The only real disappointment I had with this series resulted from its length; it only left me wanting more. Readers can find this series at a numberof sites like,,,,, and With all its charm, it seems likely this series will grow in popularity if given the chance.