Indy Pop Con 2015

Indy Pop Con 2015

Indy Pop Con has come and gone, and for a second year con, the attendance was amazing! Stars such as Edward James Olmos, John De Lancie, Sam Jones, and Troy Baker spent time with the fans and signing autographs all weekend. YouTube stars Markiplier, JackSepticEye, Bob and Wade decided to join in meeting the fans for Indy Pop Con as well. Thousands from all over came to meet their heros.

There was also movies to be seen for there was plenty of rooms open as movie theaters for the fans that may have needed to just sit down and relax. There was plenty to do at this convention but let’s break it down.

When it comes down to movies and television, there was a variety of stars that would fit anyone’s interest. From superheros to trekkiws to whovians there was something for everyone. Edward James Olmos came to discuss his past roles on Battlestar Galactica and Blade Runner. He also came to discuss his upcoming role as Robert Gonzales in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

JohnFB_IMG_1436373419557 De Lancie was his awesome, casual self when it came to addressing his fans. Instead of sitting behind the table, he stood in front to answer everyone’s questions. We even got a sneak peek at a new Star Trek based game!

The biggest attraction for Indy Pop Con was the YouTube stars. 4,000 people alone came for their panel and even caused the fire marshals to question the capacity. Every day people waited hours in line for a ticket to see these amazing people. Unfortunately not everyone got to see the stars due to the unforseen spike in attendance at the door. The YouTubbers and Indy Pop Con staff did what they could to try to get everyone to see them, but some things cannot be helped. Indy Pop Con released a statement about this on their website.

As with every convention there are more than just celebrities. The Neko Wo Kaburu Maid Cafe served guest with a wonderful and hospitable service. A maid or a Butler would take you to your table, and from there they would play games with everyone, serve you food and dance!FB_IMG_1436373700956

The Artemis Bridge Simulator is an awesome way to learn communication and team work! In a team of 4-6 people, all would work together to man a spaceship, fight off enemies and keep the ship loaded and fixed.

At night when most of the attendees had gone out for the night, a slumber party was held, gaming stayed open until midnight, and some were learning the “Time Warp” for the very first time and learning some audience participation quotes.

TheFB_IMG_1436373603502 most awesome thing that Indy Pop Con had to offer was all thr charities they helped out. People brought in non-perishable food in exchange for convention “swag”. Cosplayers got together to visit those at the Riley’s Childrens Hospital. An event called Endless Dungen raised $2,250 for charity. There was an area called Video Game Palooza, if you donated, you could play as many retro games as you liked, (provided by Dream Authentics), for as long as they were open. The donations went to Riley’s Childrens Hospital as well. No word on how much has been raised yet.

The overall experience for this convention was amazing. With plenty to do inside and outside of the convention, there was an endless list of things to attend. It had something for every type of fan that you could think of. The attendees and guests were amazing with kindness and consideration. The exhibitors were very helpful to all customers. Is this a convention worth traveling to? Definitely. I look forward to going back and I can’t wait to see who they bring next year!