BayouCon 2015

BayouCon advertised to be an anime, Sci-fi, comics, and gaming convention; and it definitely lived up to it. The guest list was nothing short of spectacular and the fun and games available throughout the weekend were a “must attend”.

BayouConreceived_1079086632119952 had many sci-fi, anime vendors and panels, as well as the artist alley being full of local artist proudly displaying their work. Things like light sabers, earrings shaped like little TARDIS’ were available for purchasing, you could even get a glass with anything etched on it. A local guest had himself as a Klingon etched on a glass. That very same Klingon held a panel on self defense.

The con had a variety of guest and they did not let you down. Alex Zahara made an appearance and was very down to Earth; he was very easy to talk to and listened to what you had to say. Todd Haberkorn is an insanely nice man whose voice will quickly win you over. Sonya Thompson is such a delight to know, she had this amazing friendly presence about her. The rest of the guest such as Scott L. Schwartz, Robert Axelrod, and John Mangus were all great guests and were available for autographs.received_1079086575453291

The gaming area was very quaint and had a few gaming tournaments . They had games like Magic the Gathering and Cards Against Humanity that was available for check out by attendees. The video gaming area had Super Smash Brothers Brawl set up and there was also a Heroclix tournament. Free play for any of the games were also available. Bayoucon also had its first annual showing of  The Rocky Horror Picture Show Friday night. It is my understanding that they would like to make it a tradition. I do hope they do because between the party favors handed out by BayouCon staff and the crowd that attended, this was something that you didn’t want to miss. Standing up and dancing was highly encouraged.

It is my overall experience that BayouCon is always a great small convention to attend. The cosplayers, vendors, and guest make it the best time. New friends were made and so many memories too.