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Dear Cheshire,

Hi! I have been cosplay get for many years now, sense junior year high school, and I love it! It’s such a joy to be able to bring my favorite characters to life and submerge myself into their story. Recently I have been wanting to start making my own cosplay, I currently buy them all. I love DIY projects and it also seems more cost friendly. But I am having issues finding what I need to do my cosplays (metal, appropriate fabric, accessories, etc.). My question is what are some stores or sites you recommend? And is there any good tutorials out there for us beginners? Thanks!!

Sincerely, DIY Cosplay Noob

Dear DIY Cosplay Noob,
Sounds like we started at the same time! I used to buy all of my cosplay outfits too. These days I prefer to commission things from other super talented cosplayers.
As far as tutorials go, I know many cosplayers will upload videos showing how they did things, even many prop makers share some tips on YouTube, best thing to do is narrow down what you are looking for and start from there. For example instead of “Wig tutorials” narrow it down to “Wig Dying” or “wig buns” to help save time. You can even look for specific character tutorials!
Helpful thing with those is they will also tell you where they got the material from, two birds one stone!
When buying material I prefer to be able to go in store and touch it, I feel risky ordering it online, you don’t know if it will be the same color or if it will be smooth or rough, or even if it’s thin and will tear easy. I personally don’t have any preferred store, a lot of people I know spend hours in JoAnn’s rather than Hobby Lobby. Really depends on what you need each time, you will find different things for different outfits in different places.
You can always go into a cosplay group on various social media sites like Facebook and poll them on what places they prefer. My only shout-out would be to Epic Cosplay Wigs, I buy nearly all of my wigs from them. They are soft, easy to style, cheap and come in dozens of colors and pre styled options.
Good luck!

Kacie Jones

Cosplayer, model, avid gamer, comic book geek. Also movies, I love movies.