The Art of Video Games

The Art of Video Games

The Art of Video Games is a traveling Smithsonian exhibit, designed to educate and captivate the public through visual and interactive art. It is divided into five seperate tehcnological eras. Each era has a playable medium, as well as featuring the premier gaming platforms of that era. The exhibit was featured at Memphis’Brooks Museum of Art.

This is my first time having a membership to an art museum, and this night was the members’ only night, before the grand opening. I was pleasantly surprised that red and white wine were available free of charge, as well as a small sampling of finger foods.

I attended with my husband, who is a gaming enthusiast, much like myself. He enjoyed the interactive part of the exhibit the most, stopping to play Super Mario Brothers on a large projection screen. The other playable games were PacMan, Myst, Flower, and Minecraft.

I was honestly hoping there would be more sketch art­ what little that was actually displayed showed sketches from the World of Warcraft and the Fallout franchises.

20150605_184416I enjoyed the playable Minecraft feature, it was a reproduction of Venice’s Grand Canal, with museum curator Thomas Stanton guiding the tour. Another point of interest was the play room. There were several bean bag chairs, two flat screen tvs, post it notes were used to make 8­bit artwork, and in the guest book, someone had side scrawled “FALLOUT 4 CONFIRMED.” I felt compelled to take a picture of it.

Several local artists teamed up to create a live work in progress spanning the four walls of a large room. Mega Man, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Soda Popinski and several characters from Super Mario Brothers were painted brightly against a white background. I will be going back to see how the work has progressed.

My only regret is that the yarn bombing hadn’t happened yet,­ 8­bit characters knitted into stairwells and spanning across light poles should be a fun thing to see.

The Brooks Museum is also sponsoring a contest to see who can create the most amazing art museum using Minecraft! The winners are to be announced during the Video Game Block Party on July 18th.