Memphis Comic Expo 2015 Review

Memphis Comic Expo 2015 Review

The Memphis Comic Expo is a yearly event held in Memphis, Tennessee at the Agricenter International, June 6th-7th. The first Comic Expo was held last year, and I have attended both. The Memphis Comic Expo is exactly what it says it is: focusing on the artists and writers of the comics we all know and love. The roster this year included 85 artists, a marked increase from last year’s 20.

batmobilepicLocal wrestling legend Jerry Lawler has appeared at both cons, proudly taking pictures and signing autographs for wrestling and comic fans alike. Lawler owns one of the original Batmobiles from the 1966 Batman show. If you’re wondering how Jerry Lawler came to own the Batmobile, I’d like to mention that he actually rubs elbows with BATMAN! The two met formally at Memphis’ WHBQ offices for a wrestling show. For $5, you can have your photo made with Jerry Lawler and the Batmobile. My husband, son, and brother-in-law posed for a photo.

Although I missed the costume contest, I did not miss out on cosplay. Sunday is usually the slower day 501stas far as attendees and cosplayers went, I was dressed up as Louise from Bob’s Burgers. A few people recognized me and we chatted briefly about the show; I’m a really big H. Jon Benjamin fan! A teenager dressed as a Pokemon character tapped on my shoulder and asked if we could have our pictures made together, to which I happily obliged. I did see a pinup SuperWoman, a pirate family, Tank Girl, and of course, the 501 for multiple photo opportunities. The group was also present for the first Memphis Comic Expo, and they never disappoint me with their impressive costumes.

I’m actually more into fan art and sketch art than actually collecting comic books, so when I was checking out artist and collectible tables, I tended to focus more on folks who were commissioning pieces like Bryan Crowson (who offered to paint me as Louise!) or had pieces framed and ready for sale. I also like to keep my eye out on vendors who are selling unique pieces, like watches that use actual comic book panels from Odd Duck Studios. I stopped briefly to chat with Antonio of AnyaneMatrix designs, he’s an illustrator and cosplay photgrapher, and a fan of The D20 Girls!

My next area of focus was to scour the booths for upcoming events and conventions. I chatted with the guys from Geek Tank Radio, I honestly had no idea there was a talk radio show for geeks every Saturday! I also discovered that the Memphis Gaming Expo is August 15 , just barely a month after Anime Blues Con. I spoke to the representative at the ShadowCon table, haven’t attended a ShawdowCon yet, but I used to be a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism so I think I have a good idea as to what to expect.

I’m really happy to see how much the Memphis Comic Expo has grown in just a short year. Next year I plan on not only attending, but actually entering the costume contest!