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The Chic Geek: PB and Lady Rainicorn

On this installment of The Chic Geek does Adventure Time, I’m getting scientific with Princess Bubblegum and Lady Rainicorn.

Princess Bubblegum has worn a lot of fabulous outfits throughout the series(generously utilizing the color pink), but I’ve chosen to use the outfit from season 1, seen in the picture below. To recreate this look start with a light blue dress and a pink cardigan, then pay tribute to the candy kingdom by adding some sweet accessories. Since Lady Rainicorn doesn’t actually wear anything, all you need to do is deck yourself out in rainbows and unicorns(and please feel free to prance around shamelessly as you relive your childhood fantasies).Blue dress $35/ Rainbow dress $28/ Pink cardigan $20/ Unicorn shirt $13/ Rainbow Pencil skirt $14/ Princess Bubblegum Leggings $10/ Rain Boots $47/ Rainbow Stripe Purse $19/ Gummy Bear Bracelet $10/ Bubblegum Earrings $5/ Ice Cream Necklace $10/ PB and Lady iPhone Case $26

Got a favorite character outfit you’d like to see remixed into a modern ensemble? Leave me a comment and let me know!