Comicpalooza Review

Comicpalooza Review

Gotham, Star Trek, NASA, and Girl Power were the running themes for 2015’s, Comicpalooza held at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston.

The Texas Chapter of the D20 Girls Project arrived a little later than hoped, but immediately got into the swing of the day’s festivities. Over four days of content were scheduled out to various tracks. Using the app, attendees can plan their day around panels, workshops, Guest Q&As and more.

This year we were graced with image7the presences of Star Trek actor, George Takei and Avenger’s Hawkeye, Jeremy Renner. Not to mention nearly the entire cast of WBs, Gotham and Agent Carter star, Hayley Atwell.
As for panels, I was impressed and surprised to see so many women driven events. The Geek Girl Celebration that was an all-girl party hosted by 8th Dimension Comics & Games and the Geek Girl Illuminati. The Texas Chapter hosted the Nerdy and Female panel to help bring more awareness to the D20 Girls Project and other Non-profits that foster a healthy environment for female geekery.
Before the Nerdy and Female panel, I was interviewed about the panel and why there’s a need for such programs today. I mentioned how social media and the mainstream’s growing interest in nerd culture was the perfect time to bring these issues to light. This was the perfect time to strengthen support for groups similar to ours as well as spread awareness of fun, groups out there. The vloggers even captured a sample of the panel which should air later this month. Sadly, the name of the site escapes me at the moment.
image5While I didn’t get a chance to sit in on the bigger named celebs, I did run into a panel with Brad Hawkins! He was the original ADR voice of the White Power Ranger and a role of Ryan Steele in VR Troopers. Though, I’m sure many would remember him from his recent role as Jim in the movie, Boyhood. Or maybe his voice as Ivan in the anime, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. He talked about his time between shows and valuing his down time. It was very surreal to meet a childhood memory in person!
While I did spend a lot of time in the Dealer’s and Artist Alley hall fundraising for my chapter, we didn’t have a shortage of visitors. In fact, I was lucky to have met Mega Mick, an up-an-coming youtuber. He was actually seeking us out for a future segment about female gamers and indie game review.
When the shopping area closes and the panels end for the day, I found myself going wandering into the gaming room for some entertainment. Super Smash Brothers on the big screen never fails to keep players engaged in rapid matches. I even caught up with my fellow D20s for a couple rounds of Pandemic which last till about 2 am in the morning.
imageAnd let’s not forget the awesome that is indoor laser tag with Battlefield Houston just a skip away.
Over all, I’d say that Comicpalooza may have had too much to offer in terms of things to do. I mean, it was pretty overwhelming seeing so much to do with so little time. While I can’t say much on the variety of guests attending, I can say meeting those I was interested in seeing had its perks.
It’s still a moderate sized con with a big con feel that I think anyone can appreciate.