Let’s Read: The One Ch. 1-4

Let’s Read: The One Ch. 1-4

The One is one of those rare manga shoujos that not only bring you into a driven romantic story, but captivates you with its impressive story line, and detailed character structure. This manga does go into some adult subject, language and humor. It is recommended for those 17 and older. Readers advised.

Cane Lele was born gifted with her mother’s looks, and an aunt that was determined to bring her into the modeling world that surrounded their family. Though Lele never felt the want to be a model she found sudden inspiration though the famous model Angus Lanson. Instantly drawn in by one of his photos she decided she wanted to be a part of his world and see what it was like. Due to her late mother blessing her with height and beauty, Lele assumed this was an easy task. Over joyed by her change of heart, Aunt Feihung is set on making her great, giving her the real world treatment of the model world as she becomes her manager. When her first audition is a fluke, Lele becomes discouraged and feels herself faltering in her determination.

On her way home in this state, she runs into a cheerful bum, and he manages to while angering her, bring her mood and spirits up. The guy is homeless yet very happy and at peace with the world. Because of this she decides to call her new friend the “happy bum”, never learning his real name before parting ways. It is later revealed that this bum is actually Angus Lanson’s mysterious older brother Eros Lanson, a famous photoshoot direct that stays out of the public lime light and under the -The-one-Angus-Eros-Lanson-manga-35017778-500-728radar. It is developed that the twins have a very close relationship, though Eros tends to keep the needy younger brother at a distance, while protecting him.

Feeling good about herself again, Lele sets out to retry, practicing to be the amazing model her aunt envisions her to be. When word gets out that Angus Lanson will be in Taiwan for a photoshoot, Lele and her friend become ecstatic, even more so when Aunt Feihung is able to get them on set to see him. Once on set it no surprise the talent he admits. But something is off, Lele is not drawn in by Angus Lanson like she was by his photo. He seems different, and this disappointment bugs her greatly.

But never the less she shrugs it off, focusing on her own game while her aunt sets her up with the woman that trained her own mother into become the best. Psyched for her first fashion show, Lele is geared up, nervous and determined. Little does she realize that front row and watching is Angus and Eros Lanson. When hitting the run way Lele seems to be doing amazing. But as any girl knows, heels are a pain, and Lele’s cause her to lose balance, falling straight into Eros Lanson! So what’s next? Find out in chapter five!

Overall the series is a different type of romance. Not one were the girl is a complete dependent on the guy and falls apart without him. Lele is very relatable as a person, she is young and determined, and even though she has temper issues, she is good at heart. Even in a tough business and at a slightly late start, she goes at it will all her might. And even though the main males are the typical beauties, they are unique and they make you wonder on their past and what made them what they are, which is always been a plus for me. It is a series I look forward to reading in the future.