Cosplay Of The Month

May Cosplay of the Month

Every month The D20 Girls will accept entries from around the world to compete as our Cosplay of the month.

May introduces you to Elizabeth Martin from Pensacola Florida.

Photo By: Darkshi's Creations
Photo By: Darkshi’s Creations

Elizabeth gave us some details on how she made her cosplay and why she chose to cosplay Psylocke.

Psylocke, also known as Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock (X-force uniform)
Hand stitched uniform by me; X-force uniform version.
I personally identify with this character and her personality.


 ***If you are interested in being our Cosplay of the Month please send entries to and include 1 or 2 High Quality pictures with *your name, *location, and *full details about the costume, *what fandom it’s from, *who made it, *why you chose to cosplay it and *any social media site links you would like us to include.No gender or fandom preference. Just you and your full on nerdiness! If chosen you will be featured on our site all month long. Remember this happens every month! So always send us submissions, SHARE this, smile, and keep on cosplaying.