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The Chic Geek: Adventure Time!

Get ready Candy People, it’s Adventure Time Chic Geek style!

adventure_timeAh, Adventure Time, the beloved children’s cartoon that captured the hearts of nerdy adults everywhere. With so many awesome and lovable characters, it was hard just to pick one. So I’m doing them all! That’s right, for the next few installments of The Chic Geek I will be featuring all the main characters from Adventure Time. Finn, Jake, PB, Lady Rainicorn, BMO, Marceline, even LSP! So until then, enjoy this lovely little preview of the nerdy fabulous-ness to come.

 (Holy mother of outfit posts, Batman! That’s a lot of merch!)

Got a favorite Geeky outfit you’d like to see remixed into a modern ensemble? Leave me a comment and let me know!