April 2015 Movie Releases

I am so excited for the majority of the theater releases for this month! I am a sucker for period dramas and period thrillers, or movies that take place in a certain period of history. A majority of them have to do with the World War II period, but don’t let that sway you from the other releases for this month!

What’s Already Out

Woman in Gold

Based on a true story, Helen Mirren plays a woman who is trying to obtain a painting of her aunt that was taken from her during World War II by the Nazis. Ryan Reynolds plays the role of the laywer who hunts down the painting, and does whatever he can to help her even if it means taking the country of Denmark to court. I love dramas that deal with history, and because Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds it has to be funny as well. Rated PG-13

Furious 7

Vin Diesel and the crew are back, including the late Paul Walker, for another action-packed film filled with more car chases and daring stunts in the seventh installation of The Fast and the Furious series. John Statham makes an appearance as Shaw’s revengeful little brother who seeks out Dom and his family for one wild ride. Want the same adrenaline rushes from the previous movies? This one will give you more…along with some tears. Rated PG-13

April 10

The Longest Ride

Based on the novel by Nicolas Sparks, who also wrote The Notebook, Dear John, and The Last Song, Sophia catches the eyes of a champion bull rider, and eventually they fall in love. One night, they spot a car crash and help an older gentleman out. Sophia returns some items from the wreck and returned them, only to discover they are full of pictures and letters. If you are a sucker for romantic dramas and for Nicolas Sparks novels, this will be your perfect cup of tea. Rated PG-13

April 17

Child 44

Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace are main character in this period thiller. Taking place in Moscow 1952, 44 children between the ages of 9 and 14 have been murdered, and the most recent one being the son of war hero’s best friend. Determined and obligated to help them, this couple teams with Gary Oldman who has been investigating these murders. Rated R

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2

Kevin James returns as Security Guard Paul Blart, and this time he’s taking on Las Vegas! While attending a Security Guard Expo, a group of bad guys begin to a heist at the same hotel. Paul takes matters into his own hands and calls on the help of some of the expo attendees. Rated PG-13


One year after a girl commits suicide after some anonymously posts a video of her, a group of her friends become targets as they all Skype message together. The killer determine to find out who posted the video, they begin revealing everyone’s secrets, and if someone doesn’t fess up, they die. Just seeing the trailer alone makes me think twice about posting anything anywhere or having people post anything anywhere of me. Rated R

April 24

The Age of Adaline

After a near-fatal car crash, Blake Lively plays a woman who can never age. She spends her time leading an isolated life and refuses to fall in love until one day, she falls in love. Taking her to her father’s house to meet him, it turns out that his father is someone that Adaline has meet a long time ago. This is a romantic movie that I personally would not mind seeing, especially since it has Harrison Ford in it as well. Rated PG-13

Little Boy

After his father goes to fight in World War II, a little boy is willing to do whatever it takes to bring him back home even if it means moving mountains. Rated PG-13

DVD/Blu-Ray Movie Releases

April 7

  • A Most Violent Year
  • Home Sweet Hell
  • The Immigrant

April 14

  • The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death
  • Big Eyes
  • The Babadook

April 21

  • Taken 3

April 28

  • The Boy Next Door

If there’s a movie theater release or DVD release that I’ve missed, feel free to leave a comment below.

Enjoy the popcorn!