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Exploring DnD 5e: Roguish Fighters and Cockatrices

The Elf Druid and Gnome Fighter made it through there quests alive, but once again some issues began to arise with the lack of clarity in the DnD 5e rule system. This blog is here to talk about the two quests and what went wrong in terms of DnD 5e rules.

Lucy settled on a wood elf druid whom loves books and hates squirrels for her test character in Dnd 5e. She is the only female whom plays in the group and tends to be a bit quite but makes great characters that work on both a fighting and RPG level. Her character, Stacia, was separated from her companion (Thomas’s Paladin Character) and in her search to find him ends up competing in a Lords tournament.

She made her way through the various rounds of the tournament, excelling in the areas of Archery and bare wrestling, due to turning into a bear. During the competition people were mysteriously showing up dead while a rather strong competitor, Casius, was excelling at every turn. She later killed the cockatrice responsible for the deaths of so many competitors but the mystery of Casius and how he may be involved was left unanswered.

During the game play, things were rather smooth, and the round after round method of the tournament led to easy organized game play. Both Lucy and me became a little confounded by the reaction rules. The question arose if you could save your movement for a reaction. Nothing under the reaction rules or movement rules say anything about Reacting a movement. So we played it kind of like how you could delay your turn Pathfinder and allowed movement to be reactionary. Later, this would become a huge issue, but with Lucy’s quest it did not make too much of a difference.

Max had decided to play a Gnome fighter, whom for the longest time I thought was a rogue. His character rarely fights and likes to steal things, much more like a rogue then a fighter. None-the-less, his character was probably the best fit for his quest as he was hired by Lord to disguise himself as servant and follow his son around and kill him if necessary. The father claimed the son was plotting against the Kingdom. Of course it would not be an RPG if there was not more to the story then that.

After finding some old hard to decipher elvish writing and stealing gold from the Lord and his son, Max’s character, whom has many many names because he is a gnome, discovered the father was trafficking slaves which was illegal. Max decided to side with the Lord though and attempted to off the son when things got tricky, but then the Lords servant mage attacked Max’s character. Max was forced to release a demon and flee with a half-elf bard named Genesha and the comatose Lordling’s son.

There was not many issues encountered with Max and his quest, but there began to be an issue that many times Inspiration should and wanted to be given, but Max had not used his previous Inspiration. This seemed to be a common theme with everyone; they save their inspiration for a dire time or forget they have it and never get a chance to use it. It may just take some getting use-to or I might have to do some Homebrew rules to try to fix this travesty.

Overall both quests went quite well. The 6 people are now going to meet up in groups of 3, forced together by common threads in their stories. Lucy, Thomas, and Max are now all heading for a Church in a small mountain town. Lucy and Thomas are heading there to figure out why the Church burned down, while Genesha is leading Max there in hopes of the priests there being able to heal the comatose lord’s son.

Peter, Mason, and Max are all heading to a place called the Dark Citadel, the largest slave trading post on this side of the continent. They were all directed to meet up with a post-barbarian whom now runs a tavern and this man will give them money and items in exchange for aid.