March Cosplay of the Month

Every month The D20 Girls will accept entries from around the world to compete as our Cosplay of the month.

March introduces you to a Mother and Daughter team hailing from Southern Oklahoma

Here at the D20 Girls Magazine we know that a multitude of things go on behind the scenes of a cosplay. So, we sat down with Erin Bean; the costume designer of this months winner and picked her brain about the details of this stunning handmade Snow White costume.


Q: Why did you choose this particular Disney Princess cosplay?

A:   My daughter Alicia picked the character. She loves children and chose it because she likes to visit them in hospitals.

Q. How did the design of the costume come about?

11008843_10205426169628653_1921913122_nI love to fabricate and have the chance to be creative. I love to sew. Alicia tells me the character and I start to dream and design. I love to learn new things and am not scared to try.  I learned with cosplay you have to be fearless and just jump in! If you mess up so what, just try again its supposed to be fun! Its a true labor of love after all I’m working with daughter what could be better than that?!  I think cosplay is awesomely positive and uplifting!

Q: Tell us about what went in to making this beautiful piece.

A: I used  satin materials and i made the large rhinestones and the gold flower medallions myself, the gold flowers are made with hot glue. The small rhinestones on the skirt were purchased.  I didn’t have a pattern for the dress I just winged it. The snow white cape is appliqued and fully lined, the collar is satin covered with lace and very stiff interfacing to hold it up and is detachable. I painted the same interfacing for the gold belt. It took me about 2 weeks to make. It is a dress not a two piece. I made the petticoat and hoop skirt for it as well. 10402816_773698449366811_5923461490420261706_n

Q. How much experience did you have going into this particular fabrication?

A. This was the 3rd cosplay I ever made, Cinderella was my first. I taught myself to sew just to make all the outfits for my daughters cosplays. Which is quite a feat as I have a pain disorder called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, which has left me disabled.


You can check out the rest of Erin and (her daughter’s) cosplay on their Facebook Pages:


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