Anime Review of Another: Episode 9

Hello and welcome to the ninth of twelve reviews about the anime called Another.

I decided to separate them into episodes because I talk a lot, or in this case type a lot and the review for all twelve episodes was very long. So this way it’s short and sweet, and you can leave a reply telling me what you think of this episode. You can also find a list of the reviews at the bottom of the blog if you are interested in reading the others.

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Episode 9: Body Paint

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 11.48.50 PMAt this point in the anime, I started hoping and praying for some action. There are only 12 episodes in this series and we are already more then halfway through the series. Now don’t get me wrong, this series does have many amazing deaths, but as far as answers, well those have been few and far between.

Which leads me to the start of episode 9, if you remember the end of episode 8 Nakao dies in the ocean while retrieving the beach ball. This ends the theory of if you leave Yomiyama you’ll be safe, or does it? The start of this episode is just the last 15 seconds of episode 8, give or take a few seconds. So Nakao dies and a rather distraught Matsunaga is rambling in the ocean about how he stopped the calamity and saved everyone. He also mentions that he left it in the classroom so they could figure out how he stopped it. While this is happening, there are some students are talking about the trip that the class is being forced to take. They also blame everything on Sakakibara, because he talked to Mei.Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 11.54.17 PM

After a very out of place scene of a bug and a bridge, you get Mei, Sakakibara, Izumi, Takako, Miss Mikami and Mr. Chibiki. Izumi and Takako walk away from the group after being told to be careful by Miss Mikami. Of course Izumi has to give a glare to someone, so she glares at Mei.

As the rest of the group starts walking home Mr.Chibiki starts asking some questions about Nakao’s death. Come to find out he died because of an accident he had when he fell down the stairs at his house, IN Yomiyama. So now the whole if you leave the city you’ll be safe is now somewhat back on the table.

After that you get a lonely scene with Mei and Sakibara on a swing set. Mei asks him about the class photo from 26 years ago and thats about all the conversation you get. But this scene is so sad, and I don’t know why really.

After this Sakakibara has a dream about all the deaths that has happened so far. And this scene is so well done! The sticker is that they are all telling him that it is his fault that they are died. I still have to say that Yukari’s death is the best of them all and has given me a very real respect for umbrellas.

The next scene is not all that important really. Naoya, Sakakibara and Yuuya meet at the restaurant called Inoya. Sakakibara lets them know about the whole freak out Matsunaga had while at the beach and that he hid something in the class room. They realize that he was talking about the old class 3 room and make a plan to meet in the art club room. As it is summer and no one is back yet and Yuuya is part of the art club, they think that this would be a great meeting room. Wrong!

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 12.17.38 AMNaoya and Sakakibara run into a few girls at the school and end up telling them that they think they know where a clue to stopping the calamity is, and they are there to find it. Since they were trying to not tell people about what they were doing, hence the secret meeting place you can already tell that this is not going to plan. When they finally get to the art room the plan is basically done for because Mei is there, and Yuuya is not. When Yuuya does get there he sees that Mei is there and they end up telling her what they plan on doing. Which of course just makes Mei want to join them, cause I mean why not? The chance to end a killing spree that seems to be happening for no apparent reason seems to be a good one. This of course leads Naoya to think that Mei is a very weird person, which when you think about it, she is weird…but not for the reasons Naoya is thinking of.

They get to the old class 3 room and start searching. Mei turns out to be a bit of a mess maker, she first tries to open and window, the glass is broken and falls out, Sakakibara grabs her and pulls her back just in time for it to not smack her on her head. Then she steps on a rotten board, knocks over a set of lockers that almost crush Naoya. Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 12.47.24 AM

The group almost gives up on looking for the clue when they see a stand alone cabinet. When Sakakibara first looks in it he sees cleaning supplies, then he looks up and sees something tapped to the top of the cabinet. Pulling it out, they find a not written on it from Matsunaga. They quickly go to the A/V room to listen to the tape.

On the tape Matsunaga tells them about the trip to the Yomiyama Shrine that class 3 took the year the calamity stopped. 22 students went to the shrine with the teacher of class 3. When they got to the shrine the found it neglected, so they cleaned it up, hoping that this would bring them some good fortune. After it was cleaned the teacher declared that everything would be better and they head back to the hotel they were staying at located at the bottom of the mountain. But everything was not okay. One student was struck by lighting as they had started walking down the mountain in the rain with an umbrella (I’m telling you, those umbrellas!!), the second student was running because she was freaking out about the boy getting struck by lighting. She slipped and fell off a cliff. Just when you are about to find out about the third student that died, a teacher shows up and they all hide. I mean come on really? We are about to get to the good part and then this happens!!

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 12.55.15 AMWhile all this is going on you get scenes of the two girls that Naoya and Sakakibara meet before they went in the school. The split ways to go to their houses. One gets in a car with her parents to leave the city. A rock falls of the mountain, hits the windshield and the car is driven off a cliff. The second girls is on her way home when she sees that there is a truck with heavy equipment on it in her house. She realizes that her brother was home and is now dead. This death is not one of my favorites, but it is one of the best ones there is, especially since you see the brothers hand still holding his computer mouse.

When the teacher came to the A/V room, Naoya grabbed the tape out of the tape player and hid in the corner behind the door. Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 12.54.14 AMBut the tape got stuck in the tape player. Naoya of course tries to pull it out, but this only breaks it. Yuuya is sure he can fix the tape, so it is handed to him and this is the end of the episode.

So this episode is better then the last one. It had several interesting scenes in it, with a good bit of story progression. I mean we have the clue about Nakao’s death, the group finding the hint, and half the story about the shrine trip where the calamity was stopped. The only real complaint I have is that this is episode 9, and we are just now getting a good bit of story. Now I am not saying that we have not gotten any story, cause that would not be true. I just feel that this is the turning point in the story and it feels very late in the game. And with that being said I’m going to end it here. I hope you enjoyed this walkthrough/review and look forward to the next one.

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