The Chic Geek: Buffy

Alright Scooby gang, grab Mr. Pointy and get ready for some slayin’, this week on The Chic Geek we’re doing Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

We all have heard about Buffy. The iconic 90’s TV show about a quick-witted, vampire slaying cheerleader from Sunnydale landed Joss Whedon a spot in the Geek Hall of Fame(not a real thing…yet), and to this day remains a cult classic. That spunky blonde with a penchant for leather and flowery hair clips saved the world from immanent doom time and time again. She taught us many valuable lessons(be true to yourself, always do the right thing, never leave home without your good stake and some Holy Water), and always managed to inspire and bring hope to those around her, even in the bleakest of times. So channel this savior’s valley girl style in all of it’s 90’s glory!

I chose two of her most iconic outfits for my inspiration. To get her look from the season 1 finale all you need is a long yellow dress and a black leather jacket. To get her look from the season 3 finale get some red leather pants or jeans, add a black tank top(bonus points if it has a cheeky saying on it), and add some black butt-kicking boots. Now top either of these looks off with the right accessories and you’re good to go.