Ohayocon Review

By: Mystie Dragonfly

This past weekend, Columbus, Ohio hosted one of the largest anime conventions in the United States, Ohayocon! People attended from West Virginia, Michigan, Indiana, and even Tennessee. With patrons numbering into the thousands, this con was elbow to elbow throughout the convention center.

Some of the special guests attending this year’s Ohayocon were Chris Ayres, Dino Andrade, Greg Ayres, Josh Grelle, and Michele Knotz. Along with the chance to meet these lovely people, con attendees were faced with the hard choice of deciding which panel to go to. Japanese Hip-Hop, League of Legends: The Evolving Meta, Potions 101, Levitation, Advanced Alchemy, and Pokemon 4ever are only a few attendees could choose from. Throughout the weekend, there was a rave, tea parties, and Lolita invitationals. There was never really any down time for a true anime convention lover!cabbage1

In “Potions 101” the participants were given a glass of cabbage juice, a glass of vinegar, Metamucil, leamon juice, water, or baking soda. They were to mix their two substances to see what color it would turn. Mixing the cabbage juice with the Metamucil would create green. Mixing it with vinegar created red. Water did nothing, and mixing it with the lemon juice turned it light purple. After getting the chance to play with the colored mixtures, guests were encouraged to combine the “potions” to see what would happen.


Combining water and lemon juice has no real result. Same with Metamucil. However, we all know what happens when you mix vinegar with baking soda… The results had the group bubbling with excitement!cabbage4

In the “Levitation” panel, guests were asked to split into teams. Each team were given a pencil, some tape, and six magnets. Whoever could make the pencil levitate using the fewest magnets were given a prize. As an example for the group to follow, the hosts of the panel were able to do this using six magnets, tape, and a cardboard box.However, some of the levitation1guests were extremely ingenious and managed to accomplish the task set before them with just two magnets and only a few strips of tape.

Wondering around Ohayocon, one could easily find an anime movie room, cosplay levitationrepair room, panel rooms every where, and a Manga library open to all con attendees. The library was fully equipped with three rows of shelving spreading at least 20 feet along both walls of the large room. There were also books to choose from on the long tables at the front of the room. The manga librarians were very knowledgeable on the subject and were capable of assisting with most questions.


Ohayocon’s gaming department was one of the most impressive I have ever seen (and I have attended and worked several gaming departments). There were tournaments held for League of Legends, Halo, Yu-gi-oh, Magic the Gathering, and several more. Enough that there was a tournament being held in the gaming area at least every other hour. Along with this, there were a good 50 monitors and computers set up, as well as stand up interactive gaming within the video game room. The table top game room was always crowded.gaming1

There really was never a chance for anyone to be bored at this convention!

singlesmeetupAlong with the many, many panels to choose from at Ohayocon, There were several Fabebook group meet ups through out the weekend. It was fun seeing people who only ever talk to each other via the computer finally meeting each other in person. I, personally, attended a single’s meet up which was hosted by Single Con Goers of Ohio. The meet up was so much fun. We went around the table and shared three things that we geek out over other than anime (being at an anime convention, that one didn’t need explained). I met several interesting people during it.

As it is with many cons all over the United States, Ohayocon is always attended by various D20 Girls as well as their fans. Here are a few of Ohio D20’s in their cosplay:

d20cosplay1 (1)d20cosplay2 (1)d20cosplay3 (1)d20cosplay4







Which brings us to the cosplay. Cosplay was everywhere at Ohayocon! From the simple and fun to the exquisitely detailed. Cosplay was everywhere. Sadly, I can give you only a few glances of some of the amazing works done at this year’s Ohayocon.















Hope you enjoyed this review of Ohayocon and, see you next year!