Let’s Read; Corpse Party: Blood Covered

Today we are going to look at Corpse Party: Blood Covered. A manga series which (so far) holds the same storyline as Corpse Party the Game and Corpse Party: Tortured Souls the anime. 

Corpse Party Blood CoveredThe game itself is considered an indie game, made in a RPG Maker style, and became a fan favorite and raised popularity mostly through YouTube. The anime and manga are both heavily based on the game but there are some small but very important detail differences.

For those not familiar with the series it surrounds nine characters, eight students and their class’s teacher assistant, Satoshi, one of the young students starts off as what seems to be the eyes and ears of the story. The startup of the manga explains the ghost story vaguely, which mainly involves the Tenshin Elementary School (called Heavenly Host Elementary School in the game) and the curse of the teacher (in the game she is a nurse) that fell down the stairs and died and how she haunts the halls of Kisaragi Academy, the main casts school that was built on the same lot Tenshin Elementary was built on. Mayu, is transferring schools so a “friendship ritual” known Sachiko Charm is performed so that everyone will be friends forever. It is after this charm is preformed that everything becomes chaotic. An “earthquake” strikes and cause the floor to cave in, consuming all nine characters.

After this the manga zeros in on Naomi, and Seiko, even though find themselves in an unknown surroundings, and are lucky enough to be together. And even though Naomi has hurt her ankle the two friends go in search of a way out. Strange thing is, not one outside window or door, seems to have the ability to be opened. Things become worse as the two girls come across a human corpse, which then manifests into a ghost. It is here they find out the gloom fate they have to face. They are now trapped in the cursed elementary school, brought there as “sacrifices” by an evil spirit. And there is no known way out. If this was not enough, it turns out even though all their friends are there, they are in different “spaces” or dimensions and it seems impossible to reach them. After Seiko manages to snap Naomi out of a state of fear they run into a small ghost child. This little girl is Sachiko, which the charm is based on. One very important detail change I found between the manga and the game was that in the game she was shown curled up, knees to chest, seeming like a small defenseless ghost child. Not in the manga. She is horrifying, terrifying the girls out of the class room even. On top of this new horrific look, she is also holding the cat plush that in the game, she never gets till the end (this plush plays a key role in ending the game correctly). Which makes me wonder how this will change things for the rest of the story. As stated above, Seiko and Naomi ran terrified from the girl, which who would not. This small scene shows something the game did not, and that is Sachiko picking up Seiko’s charm paper and burning it, with a twisted grin. It was strongly assumed in the game that if a character lost their piece, they was next to die. In a way, this kind of wraps that ideal up for the gamers.

Overall the manga looks like a great series to look into, just as the game and anime was. And along with the gore and horror, there is plenty of comedy relief so things do not become too tense throughout the read.