Anime Review of Another: Episode 8

Hello and welcome to the eighth of twelve reviews about the anime called Another.

I decided to separate them into episodes because I talk a lot, or in this case type a lot and the review for all twelve episodes was very long. So this way it’s short and sweet, and you can leave a reply telling me what you think of this episode. You can also find a list of the reviews at the bottom of the blog if you are interested in reading the others.

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Episode 8 Hair Stand

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 12.06.35 AMThe opening scene is somewhat confusing. Its just a scene with some people saying things like “No not that!” and then you get a splatter of red that you can only assume is blood, or juice. Then you get the creepy opening that does not help with the “What is going on?” questions. When its over you find out that its just a watermelon and they are at the beach. So this is the obligatory beach episode. Which is somewhat disappointing, because how violent the show has been. But think about it, this show has been violent, so maybe there being a beach episode won’t make it less violent…if that made any sense at all.

The next scene was a little confusing to me until I realized that its a flashback to that morning when they were getting ready to talk to Matsunaga. Sakakibara as per usual is grilling his aunt with more questions about the field trip that she and Matsunaga went on the year the calamity stopped mid year. And as per usual she has no real answers for him. All she can tell Sakakibara is that she was there, Matsunaga was there and that she thinks something might have happened while on the trip. Which stuck me as odd, cause she knows almost nothing about what happened to her when she was in high school. Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 12.16.53 AM

Finally we get to the cars, Sakakibara and his aunt are getting everything in the car. Naoya and Yuuya show up, then Izumi and some others that I can’t remember their names show up in the second car. Izumi being her ever loving self somewhat insults the car that Rekio drives and then starts telling people where they are going to sit and in what car. But…its Izumi, so if she does not start bossing you around, there is something wrong.

When they are on the highway, everyone is a little tense until they leave the city limits. I thought it was nice that they put this in there considering it was referred to in the last episode. To me it just kind of solidified the whole “this town is dangerous because of the calamity” deal.

When they feel like they are safe, Reiko drives faster and you have a little cute moment between Sakakibara and Izumi. You also find out that she is the one who nominated herself for the job of head of countermeasures. Sakakibara asked why she did that and she tells him that she felt like no one else really believed in the calamity.

The more scenes with Izumi, the more I begin to understand why she is the way she is. As Sakakibara told her she is strong and dependable, which she was not really a fan of. I also get why she decided to be the head of countermeasures, because of who she is, she does fit the role of a leader and someone who is dependable.

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 12.50.02 AMThe next few minutes of this episode is pretty dry. They go to the hotel to find Matsunaga, but he is not there. They then go to the beach where they run into Mei whose suppose to be with her family at the beach house. Well it just so happens that the beach house is next to where they are at the moment while waiting on Matsunaga. They then play in the water until they get hungry. Its here that you find out that Naoya packed everything but the kitchen sink. With this they decide to have a competition to find food. But with this group, you can only know that this is not going to go very well. Reiko had the same idea, so she went and bought some food while they were “hunting”.

While the kids are playing, Matsunaga shows up and starts talking to Reiko about how grown up she looks. Then Sakakibara, Mei and Izumi show up in the middle of them trying to remember what it was that happened to make the calamity stop. All they can remember is that it happened at the shrine. Matsunaga remembers that he left something telling everyone how he ended the calamity, but just like Reiko he can’t remember anything about being in high school. Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 1.21.55 AM

As they are sitting there trying to remember what it was that happened and where the thing that tells them how it stopped, the wind picks up the volleyball and it gets tossed in the ocean. Naka decides he is going to be the one who was going to get the ball. Everyone watches him swim out and for a brief moment they think he has drowned. But he is just playing a trick. He swims out a little further and then he starts floating. Everyone freaks and runs into the water to try and save him. But a boat comes and slices him into a few pieces, killing him. Matsunaga is standing in the water when he starts ranting about how he stopped the calamity, and that it was in the classroom.

All in all this episode is dry. The only interesting parts to it are the car ride and Naka dying. Which is why I did not like that this episode was a thing. I feel like this could have been done differently and not as a beach scene. I also feel like I got no information our story progression.

This would be one of the episodes I would like to be able to come up with a back story of my own. But there is not enough material in this episode to do that. And with that being said I’m going to end it here. I hope you enjoyed this walkthrough/review and look forward to the next one.

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