Manga Preview Review: L <3 DK

Hello Ladies. IT’s time again to take a look at another great manga! Today’s choice is one by manga-ka Ayu Watanabe called L <3 DK.

And yes, the heart is a part of the name, I came to know this when I went to google it and a dozen other L DK manga came to be. And even though the first volume shockingly had zero bad language or mention of adult content the rating still follows under M because of one scene where the two leads must share a tub to hide from someone and, because it is a shoujo and eventually some sort or romantic gestures accrue, be a kiss or whatever. This start does set the manga apart from most, the two lead characters are very relatable as well. Aoi Nishimori the lead female is your basic high school girl besides living alone, though her parents pay for her living, she seems not awfully awkward, and appears to have no dark past like most “victim” like heroines. Shuusei Kugayama, though at school seems to be a complete jerk, is the basic student working and living on his own as well. One thing I greatly liked was that outside school, Shuusei is completely normal, he is nice and shows respect to others. This is a nice change from the usually “bad boy” shoujo leads, he is a guy that is just a teddy bear.


Of course, as said above, he is a jerk in school. Seen as a prince for his good looks, he shows no aspect of wanting a girlfriend and is pretty blunt about it. Being harsh and cold seems to be his way of keeping this problem at bay. Which is relatable, there are many, differently in our high school days, that can think of a time or two that we played “cold/heartless” to deal with an issue or people we did not just like. Aoi at first, because his cold rejection to her friend Moe, does not like him, and wants zero to do with him (who doesn’t get p****d when a friend is hurt). But she begins to see he is all show, and finds herself wanting to help him in his new home, the apartment next to hers. And ends up doing a lot of help, after trying to help him cook, she catches his place on fire. Due to this the two end up sharing her place until the apartment is again livable, and thus gives the reason the two begin to spend a lot of time together.

The first volume is very delightful, and soft. It seems to build up more on getting a feel for the characters rather than jump into a romantic action. And if you are lazy, or just want a quick look at the plot before reading, there is a live action of the film that came out this year, and from the trailer it looked great. I am off now to watch said movie now, and who knows maybe a review for it will be in the making.