Anime Review of Another: Episode 7

Hello and welcome to the seventh of twelve reviews about the anime called Another.

I decided to separate them into episodes because I talk a lot, or in this case type a lot and the review for all twelve episodes was very long. So this way it’s short and sweet, and you can leave a reply telling me what you think of this episode. You can also find a list of the reviews at the bottom of the blog if you are interested in reading the others.

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Episode 7 Sphere Joint


So the teacher decided to kill himself, this is how the episode starts, and as usual the death scene does not disappoint. He stabs himself in the neck and proceeds to pull the knife out which then splatters the students with his blood. But that is no enough for him, he then stabs himself again and pulls the knife out of the side of his neck before falling on the floor dead.

When I first watched this episode I paused it and was sitting there starring at the screen. I mean just wow! I’m not really into this type of anime but the death scenes in this anime make it so worth it.

Now the students lose their minds as they watch their teacher kill himself, I mean I don’t blame them as I do believe I would lose it if it were to happen in front of me. Now for some reason Sakakibara decides that he is going to walk to the front of the classroom where the teacher is. The creepy part of the whole after the teacher died thing is how calm Mei is. She is just standing  there behind Sakakibara like she has no care in the world and teachers stab themselves in the neck all the time at the school. But when you think long and hard about why she is so calm, you realize that she has been dealing with things like this for awhile and she has just learned to accept that this is going to happen. Which is sad, cause as a ninth grader this is not something that you should be able to just take.2

After this, Mr. Chibiki tells Mei and Sakakibara about the conversation that he at the now deceased teacher had that morning before school. They all three come to the conclusion that he killed his mother and then himself as a result of the curse and that having two invisible students is not going to stop the calamity.Oh I also forgot the death stare from Izumi, but now she is giving it to both Mei and Sakakibara, so does this mean that they are no longer invisible?  Well I’m guessing so as Naoya is on the roof talking to Mei and Sakakibara like the whole “You are invisible so we can’t be friends” thing did not happen.

Eventually they are joined by Izumi, who in a rude way tells Mei and Sakakibara that they now exist, but they are going to be somewhat blamed for what is now happening at the school. Which I mean makes sense, as the whole select a student thing worked until those two meet. But the part that had me thinking that Izumi wad not all that bad, was when she said that she could not blame Sakakibara and that her job was going to be much harder now that the calamity was clearly in full swing. They continue to talk about the calamity and how people were more then likely fleeing the city for summer break. Naoya even plays with Mei a little as he calls her weird, heck even Izumi is being nice. Until the next scene where she walks by Mei and Sakakibara and she is back to the death stare. She has that down pat for sure.

3Mei and Sakakibara decide to talk to Mr, Chibiki about the year the deaths stopped mid year. The class went on a trip to the Yomiyama Shrine. after that no one died besides the students who died while on the trip. Which as the viewer you ask, “Why have the not gone back?” Well apparently they did, but it did not work. You also find out that they did not find out who the extra student was that year. Mr.Chibiki tells them that Miss Mikami was also in the auxiliary library asking about the same thing. So can we guess where this is going? If you guessed that the class (or what i left of it) is now going on a field trip, you are right. Oh and Miss Mikami is now the head teacher. Now you have to wonder a little about Miss Mikami. The class just saw their teacher kill themselves and she is suggesting that they go on a field trip. Now this is a genius plan, or everyone is about to die. But considering that there are five more episodes, you are pretty sure that someone is going to survive, for a few of those episodes. My question is, what is so special about that shrine that made the calamity stop, and why did it only work once?4

Okay totally fan girl moment. Sakakibara has a dream where he is at the school and Mei is following him around asking him who is dead? Every door he opens she asks the same quesions. Then peoples eyes start to bleed and they all start melting like a candle, all while Mei continues to ask who is dead? Finally Sakakiara turns to her and she says that he is the one that is dead. He touches his face and it starts peeling off. I had a total oh my god this is awesome moment when it came to this scene. I don’t know why, but the more gore that is in this anime, the more I want to watch. Then I remember that it is a small series and sit back down in my chair and unpause the screen so I can see the next gore filled scene.

After the dream Sakakiara has a small conversation with his dad about his mothers graduation photo. Then he gets another call from Naoya telling him to meet up and bring Mei. Not a very exciting scene when compared to the dream scene, but then again they all can’t be on the edge of your seat scenes now can they?

5When Sakakibara gets to the meeting place Izumi is there. She actually is nice to him when he sits down. She talks to him a little bit about why she let Naoya call her there. They even talk about why Sakakibara has not gone back to Tokyo. She then gets really serious and comes up with this whole theory. She starts saying that his mother died fifteen years ago and she never gave birth to him, and he is now the extra student in class three. But then she starts laughing and shakes Sakakibara’s hand. Which is odd, because you start to wonder if she has this thing with hand shaking or something. But then she explains that there is a rumor that dead people have really cold hands and that is why she keeps asking him to shake her hand. She also tells him that her hand remembers his, so she feels like they have meet before, but she just can’t remember. So even though the whole my hand remembers your hand is a bit strange, the rest of it makes sense. Then the perfectly somewhat cute scene is ended when Naoya and Yuuya finally show up. Which then leads down a whole different path of serious.

It turns out that Naoya called everyone there because Yuuya’s sister works there. Yuuya told her about the calamity in class three because she could die due to the fact that he is a student in the class. She then tells everyone that on of her regulars mentioned that he was in class three and that he stipped the calamity. But he does not know how he did it, only yhat he did do it and that he left himself a clue somewhere as to how. But of course he does not remember where he left the clue.6

Sakakibara goes to tell Mei the news since she was not there. He asks if she will com with him when he asks his aunt about Matsunaga amd where he lives. She tells him no because her parents want her to go to the summer house. She then starts playing with the hair of the creepy doll, and she explains why the doll is only half like her. Apparently her mother had a child that was stillborn and she made the doll to be half like Mei and half what she thougt her daughter would look like. Which is just weird if you ask me, and that doll…it is really creepy.

7Mei then gives Sakakibara her number and tells him to call her if anything goes wrong while she is gone. Amd you know because the doll in a casket is not weird enough, she then runs behind that curtain. Sakakibara follows her and finds her laying in the other side of the coffin. WHAT IS IT WITH DOLLS AND COFFINS???!!!!! I don’t know why but this is the one thing that freaks me out in this show. I mean I can take people being stabbed in the neck by umbrellas, but dolls inside a coffin that look like one of the main characters, that is weird to me. Anyway, when he gets close to her, she opens her eyes and tells him not to worry because he is not the dead one, and then end of episode!

Since the series has picked up, I really don’t know where I can start my story. The start of the series was boring, somewhat, so I was trying to piece it all together. But since episode 6 it has picked up. Which is awsome, but I’m still a little sad because I can’t make up totally random things to fill in the gaps.

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