Manga Review: Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

Looking for a fun, cute, and funny romance? We found it, as we look over the first volume in Hiro Fujiwara’s series Kaichou wa Maid-sama, or better known simply as Maid-sama.

KaichouwaMaidSama_vol01_CoverI first found this manga through the anime, thank you wonders of YouTube. And as a fan of manga, I know the manga and anime can be very different. I loved the show and wanted to read the anime, as they are usually are better. I was pleased to find out that the anime closely followed the manga’s storyline, so it was a wonderful read. The series started in 2005 in December, and wrapped up last year in September, finishing with a total of eight teen volumes and 98 chapters. Which is impressive for a shoujo manga series in honesty. The series does have some not so child friendly language and some adult content comes into discussion, so the series is recommended only to those 16 and older. But this content is not strong, so it does not bring down the story.

Let’s look at the story now, it follows a 16 years old, 2nd year high scholar named Misaki Ayuzawa, which is nothing less than super women. After her father left her mother, younger sister and herself with his massive debt, Misaki was left with a not so good look onto her opposite sex and has come to rely on no one to achieve what she wants. After being part of the first bunch of girls to attend a use to be all boys school, she works hard and becomes Class President, determined to clean the school up, while maintain her own high self-standards. Due to her high standards and strict rules that mostly target her male class mates, she has made more enemies then it seems friends. Balancing this with work becomes more over burdening as the piles of school activities grows and grows.

Her stress levels reach over drive when a passing student, Takumi Usui, figures out her secret. Snap! Now she is sure her classmates will know she works for a maid café and her strong and rough reputation will be shattered. To her surprise, he does not blab, but why? She assumes he pities her and though she cannot stand this, it is a better outcome then the alternative. As Takumi continues to pop in and out of her daily life, she becomes more irritated, differently when she finds out he is now the top student in testing, knocking her to second. Though it is later found out he helps her, purely because he finds himself in love with her, he may just have his hands full when she declares at the end of the volume that she will catch up to him, her confidence not allowing for her to be second best.

Cute, charming and with plenty of hilarious moments, this is a classic shoujo that any fan would enjoy reading.