Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review

First coming out at the beginning of this month (November 3 for Day Zero Edition and November 4 for the normal) many people where flocking to get the 11th game in the popular series. And today we will be looking into the new Exo Survival Mode.

While there was a lot of hype that Advance Warfare would bare the much loved Zombie Mode, it did not. And though I have to admit I was disappointed (who doesn’t love to stab zombies in the face?) I was happy with the extremely high tech and advanced Exo Survival Mode. The play is much more strategic when compared to zombies or extension mode. The controls are the exact same as those in zombies, which made me very happy. When compared to extension modes controls, the exo survival is very friendly and easy to learn, which makes the game play much better. Though Extension mode was a cool ideal, the controls were incredibly aggravating which made it hard to stick to the game.

Now the actual game play, very fun, much more so if you have a friend to do so with, but still fun. It has a more military focus when compared to Zombies or Extension. Each round you are given different objectives, which if completed or failed, comes with consequences. For example, I found out by not completing one objective, the enemy can hack your advance suit and cause your map, and vision to become crazily blurred and it defiantly makes fighting off military like attackers hard. There are also no barriers, rather you have a bunch (horde) of fighters come out and surround you. And once you go up levels, you also encounter playing little droids, dogs, and Goliaths or giant robots.


Now one big difference is how you gain new maps and weapons. Each group of maps can be unlocked based on how many rounds you complete. So bust your butt and BAM! New maps. Also instead of a mystery box, which we all love, there are two chest, one for weapons another for the exo suite. It is here you change out weapons and can buy attachments and so on. You get these on round points which can be annoying but easily passable. One pain, you have to unlock the weapons by rounds. Example, at round 7, you can get a cloak for the suit. But you have to make it to round 7 and have the points, grrr!

The graphics are very nice and the maps are great. My personal favorite would be Retreat, it is beautiful and smallish, Asian themed setting. Great for beginners who are getting the hang as there are around 3 great spots that will not leave you very open for surprise attacks.

So all together, great mode and game. If you are a fan of the series, defiantly take a look, and have a blast!