Anime Review of Another: Epiosde 6

Hello and welcome to the sixth of twelve reviews about the anime called Another.

I decided to separate them into episodes because I talk a lot, or in this case type a lot and the review for all twelve episodes was very long. So this way it’s short and sweet, and you can leave a reply telling me what you think of this episode. You can also find a list of the reviews at the bottom of the blog if you are interested in reading the others.

As you know I write a little story about the gaps in the series so far. But episode four did not really leave me with anything to write about. For once I was speechless.

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Episode 6 Face To Face

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 7.11.24 PMSo episode 6 gives us a flashback of when Mei was selected to be the non existent student. Up until now it was almost like it was forced upon her, kind of like she woke up one morning, went to school, and no one would speak to her. In reality she did have a choice, which did have me scratching my head a bit when I first watched the show.

In the flashback you have the teacher telling her that she could chose to not be the non existent student, but if the calamity began….so when you think about it she did and did not have a choice. Another student in the class asks about the teachers outside the classroom and what they would do, and this was a question I was asking myself, and you have more then likely asked it as well. The teacher says that they will do their best to corporate. Which when you think about it is kind of hard as most of the teachers and students for that matter don’t really know what is going on in class 3 to begin with.

After the opener we get Naoya, Izumi and Tomohiko talking about the calamity. Naoya is expressing his surprise on the calamity starting a month late and Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 7.13.55 PMhow it was not suppose to start because of the whole non existent student thing. For once Izumi is not a smart mouthed brat and gives a rationally calm answer, she also does not give anyone a death glare. What she does do is something that you should remember for a later episode. Naoya asks her if she is sure that Sakakibara has not been here before, she says nope and that he has never lived in Yomiyama. Then she holds up her hand and says that he is not cold.

Now I want you to think back all the way to episode 1. She kind of awkwardly held out her hand and was more or less pressuring Sakakibara to shake her hand. Well this scene was referring back to the hospital scene and will be brought up at a later time in the anime. So just tuck this away in your mental filing cabinet for later okay? Good, moving on.

We come back to Mei and Sakakibara, who is still at Mei’s house. When Mei’s mother comes in, Mei kind of hurriedly decides that it is time for Sakakibara to leave and walks him home. On the way to his house they talk more about why she is the non existent student. By now Sakakibara knows that she had a choice in becoming the non existing student and he is having a bit of an issue really comprehending why she said okay. Her answer to this however is something to think about.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 7.16.11 PMShe decided to go ahead with the whole show because she did not want to treat other students like she is treated now. So basically she did not want to go along with the click in the class. Which, when you think about it is really brave of a student her age. She is literally taking on the weight of the class because she did not want to see someone else treated like they were not there.

Sakakibara asks about Mei’s desk, and at first its like okay well its a desk. But when you realize its the oldest desk in the classroom and that it has “Who’s dead?” written on it, you kind of understand why he is asking about the desk. Mei’s answer is simple really, the desk is there to complete the act of the whole non existent student, so think of it as a prop of sorts. As for the writing, Mei put that there. She decided to write who was dead because she can’t actually ask anyone, as they will just sit there and carry on like nothing happened and no one said anything.

In the middle of all the crazy and serious moments so far in this episode, we get a somewhat light hearted sad moment from Mei. She explains why she has a Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 7.19.16 PMdoll’s eye. Turns out she lost her eye when she was four because she got a tumor on it and they had to remove it. Her mother decided that a normal false eye would not look good, so she made her a doll’s eye instead. Now if you ask me, that is sad and not just because she lost her eye when she was four. But because her mother decided that she was going to pretty the eye up so she could make her daughters false eye more pretty. Call me odd, but that is sad to me.

They also talk about what her mother does when she skips school and how it was hard for Izumi and the others to tell Sakakibara about the class rules because he had already talk to Mei. And when you think about it, is a good point. It would be really weird if Izumi had came up to him and said “Hey I know you already talked to her, but don’t do it anymore or we will all die.” Cause you know that is an awesome way to welcome someone to school.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 7.21.22 PMWhen Sakakibara gets home he gets a phone call from his dad. As per norm his dad is running along a mile a minute and there is bad cell connecntion. His dad says something that you should also remember. He asks Sakakibara how it feels being back in Yomiyama again after a year and half. But Sakakibara has never been there…or has he? Maybe you should out this one in your mental fileing cabinet as well. After this little slip and some confussion, Sakakibara asks his dad about his mom also being in class, but his dad can’t remember and the phone goes dead.

As of the middle of the episode, you get a major question answered about Mei and her status of non existent student in clas 3. But then your left with the other Major question, has Sakakibara been to Yomiyama before?

This next part of the episode had me laughing so hard. Not only because you would not expect them to jump up out of their sets and start dancing, but because Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 8.20.13 PMSakakibara snaps himself out of it and says that he has to stop doing that. So I don’t know about you guys but to me that means he might have just a slight crush on Mei. Which is cute and all, but kind of sucks when you think about the fact that they are two students in a cursed class that will be ignored and separated by a barrier for what will likely people the rest of their high school carrer.

After this unexpected dancing scene you get some really light hearted scenes with Mei and Sakakibara. They have lunch together and we find out that Sakakibara can cook and was in the cooking club at his other school. We also find out that Mei’s mother does not make a very good lunch and that Mei can’t cook at all.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 8.21.36 PMWhat really gets you about this scene is the fact that they have accepted the fact that they are the non existent students and that this is what it is going to be like for them. Not only that, you learn that Mei really is isolated every where she goes. Her mother does not really care one way or the other about her not going to school for the most part, she can’t cook, and she mainly just looks at art books and draws. So this right here tells you that she does not have many friends. Which somewhat makes me feel sad for her.

After this sad but light hearted scene, there are a few seconds of nothing but music and scenes of them either skipping school or just being bored to death in class. I think this part of the episode makes the isolation of these two characters all the more apparent.

So far all there has been is a focus on the deaths and the curse. We are now seeing what Mei has gone through since the school year has started. Of course sheScreen Shot 2014-11-06 at 8.22.10 PM is no longer on her own, she has Sakakibara with her, but still, this is just sad to me. The one happy part about this is that they seem to be having fun with one another. So I guess there is that at least.

Sadly the light happy part ends to quickly and we are then brought back to the reality that this is an anime about a cursed class with two students who everyone pretends don’t exist.

Sakakibara and Mei decided to visit the art room one day. The somewhat odd disorienting part is that when they walk in, everyone starts saying hi and we’ve missed seeing you Mei. Its like wait a minute, your not suppose to talk to them! But then I remembered that it is only the class 3 students that really have to follow this rules.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 8.24.11 PMWhen I found out that Mei actually might have some friends, and I mean this in the lightest way possible, I started not feeling so sorry for her. Yes, I did still feel sorry for her cause most of her time is spent in class 3 so she is still 90% of the time alone, but yeah, she has friends!

Everything in this episode had seem to be turning around since the middle, or at least light hearted until Yuuya walks in. For some unexplained reason he starts ushering everyone out of the room, saying that it is something important and they have to go. Mei did not seem to fazed by it, neither did Sakakibara really. I mean I guess they are kind of like yep this is my life. Mei just smiles and starts looking at art in the room. She turns one picture over and there is a slash in it. Now the painting looks familiar to me, like I want to say you should remember this, but I’m not sure why, other then the fact that it is a really nice painting.

The next scene is something that you should pay attention to, and I mean really pay attention to. Mei and Sakakibara go to the library after the art club scene.Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 3.50.40 PM This is where you find out that the librarian Mr. Chibiki is not only the librarian of the auxilary library, but he was also the teacher of class when Sakakibrar’s mom went to school. He explains how the curse effects the students of class 3, thier parents, siblings, grandparents, and teachers. Another connections to class that is unacpected is that miss Mikami was the teacher for class 3 in 1993, she is now the assistant teacher of class.

The part of this that you need to pay attention to is the explanation of how the curse works and why the non existent student idea works sometimes and does not work others. I’m not going to try and explain, or retype it. After watching this episode a few times, I still can’t follow his explanation very well. I get the basics of it. But I’m not sure if some of the years were mixed up in the english dub, or even the sub for that matter. It’s just that some of the wording does not make sense to me. So go watch it, and let me know if you can spot the mix up.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 3.54.46 PMLater that night Sakakibra confronts his Aunt Reiko. Now what is going on between the two of them is important, but not what you really need to pay attention to. You more or less want to wait until the grandfather starts talking. But I want you to think about what he says, so I will not repeat it. But I will point out that he said something similar, and about funerals in the las episode. SO go re watch it if you don’t remember.

The conversation that Reiko and Sakakibara is also something that you should take note on. Mr. Chibki pointed out that peoples memories get altered as well. When Sakakibara is asking Reiko what happened to his mother, she can’t remember what exactly happened that year. So her memories have been affected, but why? Is it because of her being Ritsuko’s sister, or because she is Sakakibara’s aunt? We will just have to find out later, or you will, I already no. And am not going to spoil it.

The ending scene is odd. You have the class sitting there apparently waiting on the teacher. He shows up late of course  He goes to the front of the class and Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 4.23.09 PMsets a bag on the desk. He mumbles a bunch of stuff about once it begins it can’t stop, and don’t struggle. Then he yells, pulls out a knife and…end of episode. Which the first time I watched this had me mad. I mean another death is finally happening!

Yes I know you are more then likely asking why I would be happy about another death, so I’ll answer your question. Because the death scenes are freaking amazing in this anime. I mean not only are they well written, but they are imaginative  like who the heck thinks about getting stabbed in the neck by an umbrella. And yes that is still my favorite death in this anime.

And with that I will leave you to wonder about is this a review or a walk through of the anime episode bu episode. Cause I’m more or less confused on that myself. Also think about the things that the grandfather and librarian said, I promise you they are both very important. Stay tuned for the next review/walkthrough of Another coming soon.

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