Anime Review of Another: Episode 5

Hello and welcome to the fifth of twelve reviews about the anime called Another.

I decided to separate them into episodes because I talk a lot, or in this case type a lot and the review for all twelve episodes was very long. So this way it’s short and sweet, and you can leave a reply telling me what you think of this episode. You can also find a list of the reviews at the bottom of the blog if you are interested in reading the others.

As you know I write a little story about the gaps in the series so far. But episode four did not really leave me with anything to write about. For once I was speechless.

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Episode 5 Build Limbs

So this episode starts out with a brief clip of Sanae’s death. Which is still one of my favorites out of the death scenes. I mean you can almost feel the fear by looking into her eyes. You also can tell the exact second she knows she is going to die when she looks at the numbers on the display. Also, I did not want to get on an elevator for months after I watched this episode the first time.

Sakakibara's grandpa

After the opener we get some voices talking about Sanae’s death. The voices are Sakakibara’s Grandmother and Aunt. They mainly just comment on how sad it was that she died because Sakakibara spent so much time with her. One of them mentions Yuzumi’s death from a few episode ago, and Sakakibara tells them that Sanae’s little brother is in his class.

None of that is really important, not until you get to the grandfather. He says “After death comes a funeral. I am so very tired of funerals.” I want you to remember that line for two reasons. One, his daughter (Sakakibrara’s mom) died, two…well you will need to finish watching the series to find that out.

Sakakibaras mom

After this, the day goe about as normal as a school day would in this anime. They briefly talk about Sanae’s death some more in class, kind of a explaining why her little brother would not be in class. Of course Mei is late, like normal. But when there is no one around who really tells you when you have to go to class, why should you show up? Still wondering how anyone grades her papers.

Anyway, Sakakibara tells Mei that Sanae died. She does not really react to this, which I thought was odd. But when I thought about it some more, its not that odd at all. I mean this is class 3, that stuff is apparently suppose to happen all the time. After his not so shocking discussion with Mei, Sakakibara is then in art class. He and Yuuya are having a conversation about the art teacher Miss Mikami. Yuuya expresses some concern about Miss Mikami possibly having a life threatening illness. Which the leads to Sakakiara kind of asking a whole lot of questions very fast. He is genuinely concerned about Miss Mikami and even asks Yuuya if she and Yukari were related.

Now I would like for you to keep this little tid bit of information in your thoughts while you watch this series. It will be important…I promis you this. You would not have guessed it. In fact, it did not dawn on me why he would be this concerned for a teacher at his school until about the time I was writing this very line.

For whatever reason, Sakakibara decides that he is going to go to the library and do research. Its not cleat on what it is he wants to look for when he leaves the art class, and remains that way for awhile. Your best guess is he is trying to find out something about the curse. But while he is in the library the librarian comes to see what he is looking at. He shows him the picture of his mom and her graduating class of 1972. Turns out the librarian knew her. He also noted that she died and thought it was strange that Sakakibara was saying he was her son. Sakakibara explains that she died just after having him. The conversation is interrupted by Izumi who was sent to retrieve Sakakibara and tell him he is wanted in the faculty room.

Now she says something really odd before she walks off. She tells him that she is sorry and that this is for the best, for all of them. Now your scratching your head right? So was I. But its Izumi, she says the meanest sometimes the oddest things. I have just come to expect it out of her.

Empty classroomThe police talk to Sakakibara about Sanae’s death for a bit. Nothing new here, just a hey you were on the phone with her when she died right? Okay cool, thanks a lot.

Sakakibara then goes back to the class, but its empty. He notices that on the board is Izumi’s name. As soon as this happens, the teacher shows up asking if the cops are done with him. He tells them yes, and the teacher tells him he can go home. When he asks where everyone is, the teacher does not answer, in fact he almost does not acknowledge that Sakakibara even asked the question. He just tells him that Izumi is now the new class president, and that he should remember to uphold the class rules and then walks off.

Okay so now the teacher is all weird and what not. What next? More deaths? Well yeah those do happen, but they are not next or are they?Death of Takabayashi

After class, Sakakibar waits for two of his classmates to come down so he can ask them if they will walk home with him. During the walk he ask where everyone was. They tell him that Izumi said that they all had to talk about something without him there. Yuuya then says that somethings are going to happen to him that are going to be unplesant, but to bare with it because it is for the whole of the class. Sakakibara asks for a class rooster, but Yuuya just asks him if he did not get one when he entered the class.

The other student Takabayashi then says that he can’t stand by and let Izumi push her ideas on others, and that he would tell Sakakibara anything that he wanted to know. Sakakibara’s first question is “Does Mei Misaki really exist?” Takabayashi starts to answer when he falls to the ground clutching his chest. Then bam, its the next day and we are back at school.

Now I want you to think about what lead to Takabayashi’s death. And remember that.

Sakakibara is walking up the stairs when he sees Miss Mikami. He notes that she is there early, but she does not respond, just keeps walking. He then goes to class and tries to ask what is going on, but he gets no response. He goes through most of the day being ignored by the class. He even tries getting Yuuya to tell him what is going on, but he just gets up and leaves. At one point the teacher even mentions that Miss Mikami is in a bit of a situation  but she will do her best to adhere to the rules. Finally getting sick of this, Sakakibara gets up in the middle of class and leaves. He then understands what is going on. The class was instructed to ignore him. He finds a letter in his desk when he is pulling out some books. This leads him back to the creepy doll shop.

Now, think about this. How would you feel if all the people in your class decide to just pretend that they don’t know you are there. I want you to think about what it would be like. Try to focus on what is going on in this anime, by remembering that feeling. It will help you understand some of the show, not a lot, but a little.

Mei tells Sakakibara allThe vist it Mei’s blows my little story out of the water, and more then likely answers most of your questions. I know it did mine. Anyway here is what has been happening. 26 years ago Misaki died, when her classmates pretended that she had not died, it started a calamity that struck the students of the next year. Since then students from the 9th grade class 3 have died, but not just students, family members as well. No one knows why this happens but it does. The class even ends up with one extra person, and peoples memories get altered because the extra person is a dead person. But no one knows who it is because their memories have been altered.

To stop the students from dying they changed the name of the class from class 3 to class C, but people kept dying. So 10 years ago the students came up with the idea to pretend that one of the students does not exist, this caused the deaths to stop, until now. Because Sakakibara did not know about this rules, he talked to Mei and acknowledged her. This made the deaths start happening again.

So what does this mean for my story, simple. Mei is not a ghost, and she is not running around killing people. Nor do you see her when its time for you to die. So in the next review I will start writing another story on why they actually die. Sounds like a plan to you, right?

Now for my questions on this episode. I could not stop asking why? Why did Misakai die 26 years ago? Why did the students the year after start dying? Why only class 3? And now the most important one of all. Who is the extra student?

And I leave you with those questions to ponder on. If you would like to see reviews or more like walk throughs of previous episodes, click on the links below. And as always, look forward to the next review, coming soon.

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