Manga Review: Hot Gimmick

This manga  is considered to be a mature themed manga, so warning to anyone under the age of 18, there are some mature content in this manga if you decide to look into, remember this.

This was one of the first, more shoujo manga I has ever read, and was it a great start. This piece by well-known manga-ka Miki Aihara230px-Hot_Gimmick_volume_1 was a pleasant read. While it does go into some adult themes, it is done so in a very realistic matter, and when compared to most “smut” type manga, this one is much softer and romantic.

Completed with a total of 12 volumes, Hot Gimmick follows the life of Hatsumi Narita. Like most, she is a basic high school student, with a bit more awkwardness. Living with her family of five in what is called “Company Housing” (this is a set of apartment buildings rented out by a company only to their associates), Hatsumi tries desperately to stay below the radar of the social chaos that surrounds the apartment buildings. Though she wishes she could say the same for her younger sister, the cause of our heroine’s crises. One day she finds out her sister may be pregnant, and in fear of judgment from others, Hatsumi agrees to go get a pregnancy test for her (in disguise of course). It is on her way back she collides with Ryoki, the head companies son and well, short of terms, jerk. Due to some violence of the past, Ryoki is the last person she would ever want to see. Unfortunately he sees her drop the pregnancy test and in defense of herself, drops her sister’s secret. And here is where the deal of M&S comes in. His silence for her “help”.

Hatsumi struggles with keeping her sisters secret and dealing with a guy she has come to hate sense childhood. Her only good memories of childhood seem to be of Azusa, a friend who always defended the little Hatsumi from Ryoki’s temper. Things tend to go calm tile one night Ryoki seems oddly pushy and to Hatsumi’s pleasant shock, Azusa interrupts the two before anything major can accrue.

SO what will she do know with her childhood crush back in the picture? How will Ryoki handle the new appearance? Check out the rest of the book to find out.